Celeb Lingerie Lines

Celeb Lingerie Lines_There are plenty of top fashion designers creating gorgeous lingerie for us girls, meaning the days of badly-fitting or simply unattractive underwear are long gone. However, the fashion designers aren't the only ones keen to help us enjoy sexy or cute choices - for anyone that hopes to add a little extra star-quality to their undies, there are the numerous celebrity designed lingerie lines. Some are more successful than others, but it can't be denied that several celebrity designed lines are really quite lovely and well worth a look, even if some others leave a little to be desired.

The better celeb-designed lingerie lines tend to be created by stars who are genuinely interested in fashion - or who have design teams who are - rather than simply looking for a way to expand their empire. That's not to say there aren't plenty of singers who've come out with some nice lines, such as Janet Jackson, Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Lopez.

One woman tycoon Paris Hilton is joining the ranks, with a lingerie line of her own but she might find it hard to compete with the likes of the Pussycat Dolls - the pop group has a line frequently sported by its members.

However, if you're looking for celebrities to trust when you're on the lookout for sexy lingerie there are some who are more intimate with the subject than others. In many ways it makes sense to turn to lingerie model Jordan when you're looking for celeb-endorsed undies. If you're not a fan of Katie Price's style, you might be interested in the Wonderbra range from Dita von Teese - a model who knows how to ramp up the glamour with her 50s-inspired looks. Her line has plenty of elements that give it a vintage feel and ideal for making you feel sassy and sexy.

Men and ladies might be happy to know that celebrity lingerie lines aren't restricted to only women's underwear. R&B singer Usher has lingerie lines for both sexes and you could always play for a few laughs with Borat endorsed boxers!

When it's time for you to go lingerie shopping you shouldn't let yourself be swayed by the celebrity name, however. The most important factors should always be, comfort, support and how good they make you feel. Make sure your lingerie satisfies those three categories and you'll be all set to enjoy the great confidence boost good underwear provides - celebrity endorsed or not!

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