Celebrity deaths March 2012

Celebrity deaths March 2012 - In Memoriam of  Notable March deaths, In March we lost many beloved figures, including a veteran-turned-filmmaker and Olivia Newton John's first love. Read about those who passed away in March.

Adrienne Rich

Died March 27 (b. 1929)

Poet Adrienne Rich was among the most acclaimed and influential writers of the feminist movement. She published two dozen volumes of poetry as well as non-fiction.
Ron Erhardt

Died March 21 (b. 1931)

Ron Erhardt was on the coaching team of Bill Parcells for the champion New York Giants. Previously, Erhardt was the head coach of the New England Patriots and a winning athletic director.
Mel Parnell

Died March 20 (b. 1922)

Mel Parnell was one of the best ever left-handed pitchers for the Boston Red Sox. He had a long career at Boston, as a player and a voice.
Sanford McDonnell

Died March 19 (b. 1922)

Engineer Sanford N. McDonnell led the McDonnell Douglas Corp., which his uncle founded, into the future. McDonnell also led a famous youth organization.
Margaret Whitlam

Died March 17 (b. 1919)

Margaret Whitlam was the trailblazing wife of former Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam. She was an outspoken advocate, social worker and champion swimmer.
Pierre Schoendoerffer

Died March 14 (b. 1928)

Filmmaker Pierre Schoendoerffer won the Academy Award for Documentary Feature for "The Anderson Platoon," which followed American soldiers in the Vietnam War.
Karl Roy

Died March 13 (b. 1968)

Karl Roy was a progressive rocker from the Philippines. He led several rock bands, including P.O.T. and Kapatid
Michael Hossack

Died March 12 (b. 1946)

Michael Hossack played drums for The Doobie Brothers. He rejoined the band for benefit concerts in 1987 to great success.
Ian Turpie

Died March 11 (b. 1943)

Ian Turpie was a familiar face on Australian TV. He hosted many game shows and acted for TV and film.
Jean Giraud

Died March 10 (b. 1938)

Jean Giraud was an influential comics artist. He was known beyond genres and beyond his native country, especially for "Blueberry."
Bugs Henderson

Died March 8 (b. 1943)

Bugs Henderson was an iconic blues guitarist who played with Eric Clapton, B.B. King, Ted Nugent, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Muddy Waters.
Robert Sherman

Died March 5 (b. 1925)

Robert B. Sherman was half of the great Sherman Brothers songwriting team. "The Jungle Book" and "Mary Poppins" are among the brothers' filmography.
Steve Bridges

Died March 3 (b. 1963)

Comedian Steve Bridges did uncanny impressions (watch videos) of everyone from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Homer Simpson.
Ralph McQuarrie

Died March 3 (b. 1929)

Illustrator Ralph McQuarrie designed many sci-fi greats, including Darth Vader, Chewbacca and R2-D2 of "Star Wars.” He won an Academy Award for another classic.
Ronnie Montrose

Died March 3 (b. 1947)

Legendary guitarist Ronnie Montrose played with Van Morrison, Sammy Hagar, Herbie Hancock, Boz Scaggs, the Neville Brothers and the Edgar Winter Group.
Van Barfoot

Died March 2 (b. 1919)

U.S. Army Col. Van T. Barfoot received the military's highest decoration for his World War II service. His patriotism became national news in 2009.
James Wilson

Died March 2 (b. 1931)

Social scientist James Q. Wilson was the "father of community policing." He co-authored the broken windows theory that revolutionized law enforcement.
Andrew Breitbart

Died March 1 (b. 1969)

Andrew Breitbart was a conservative activist who ran several influential websites, contributed to The Washington Times and researched for Arianna Huffington .

Lucio Dalla

March 1 (b. 1943)

Lucio Dalla was a popular singer-songwriter and clarinetist who worked with Italian icons. He composed "Caruso," popularized by Luciano Pavarotti

Notable March deaths
Judith Adams, 68, Australian politician, Senator for Western Australia (since 2005), breast cancer. [1]
Yoshio Ōsawa, 73, Japanese politician, mayor of Hidaka, Saitama, myocardial infarction. [2] (Japanese)
Zoran Romic, Australian rock musician (Chocolate Starfish), cancer. [3]
Raja Ashman Shah, 53, Malaysian royal, son of the Sultan of Perak, asthma attack. [4]
Rex Babin, 49, American cartoonist (The Sacramento Bee), cancer. [5]
Jorge Carpizo McGregor, 67, Mexican jurist, complications from surgery. [6] (Spanish)
Viktor Kosichkin, 74, Russian Olympic speed skating medalist (1960). [7]
Francesco Mancini, 43, Italian footballer (Foggia), heart attack. [8]
Emrys Roberts, 82, Welsh poet and author, Archdruid of Wales (1987–1990). [9]
Leonid Shebarshin, 77, Russian KGB interim Chairman (1991), suicide. [10]
Yiannis Vasiliadis, 88, Greek politician and admiral, Minister of Public Order (1990–1991). [11]
Ioannis Banias, 72, Greek politician. [12] (Greek)
Borgia, 18, German racehorse, euthanized. [13]
Paulino Reale Chirina, 88, Argentine Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Venado Tuerto (1989–2000). [14]
Albert Hadley, 91, American interior decorator, cancer. [15]
Bill Jenkins, 81, American NHRA drag racer. [16]
Hone Kaa, 71, New Zealand church leader, cancer. [17]
Minar Mahmud, 53, Bangladeshi journalist, suicide by overdose. [18]
Montjeu, 16, Irish racehorse, septicemia. [19]
Michael Peterson, 59, Australian surfer, heart attack. [20]
William Sampson, 52, Canadian author, heart attack. [21]
John Arden, 81, English playwright. [22]
Alexander Arutiunian, 91, Armenian composer. [23]
Harry Crews, 76, American author, neuropathy. [24]
T. Damodaran, 77, Indian screenwriter. [25]
Hans van den Doel, 74, Dutch economist and politician, Member of the House of Representatives (1967–1973). [26] (Dutch)
Rex González, 94, Argentine archaeologist. [27] (Spanish)
Jerry McCain, 81, American blues musician. [28]
Ralph Maxwell, 78, New Zealand politician, MP for Waitakere (1978–1984) and Titirangi (1984–1990). [29]
Willie May, 76, American Olympic hurdle medalist (1960), amyloidosis. [30]
Ștefan Radof, 77, Romanian actor and Senator (1992–1996), heart failure. [31] (Romanian)
Earl Scruggs, 88, American bluegrass musician, natural causes. [32]
Eduard Steinberg, 76, Russian painter, cancer. [33] (Russian)
Dale Baker, 73, Australian politician, South Australian MHA for MacKillop (1985–1997); Leader of the Opposition (1990–1992), motor neurone disease. [34]
Millôr Fernandes, 87, Brazilian cartoonist, humorist, and playwright, multiple organ failure. [35] (Portuguese)
Larry Haws, 72, American politician, member of the Minnesota House of Representatives (2006–2010), brain cancer. [36]
Harold G. Hillam, 77, American leader in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. [37]
Hilton Kramer, 84, American art critic, co-founder of The New Criterion. [38]
Gian Franco Pagliaro, 70, Italian singer. [39] (Spanish)
Adrienne Rich, 82, American lesbian feminist poet and essayist, complications of rheumatoid arthritis. [40]
Warren Stevens, 92, American actor (Forbidden Planet, The Barefoot Contessa), lung disease. [41]
Michael Begley, 79, Irish politician, TD for Kerry South (1969–1989). [42]
David Craighead, 88, American organist. [43]
Sadaharu Motohashi, 91, Japanese haiku poet, myocardial infarction. [44] (Japanese)
Tom Wells, 70, Bermudian-born American television composer (Buffalo Bill, WKRP in Cincinnati). [45]
Priscilla Buckley, 90, American writer, managing editor of National Review, sister of William F. Buckley, Jr. [46]
Bob DeCourcy, 84, Canadian ice hockey player (New York Rangers). [47]
Jack Gilbert, 62, American writing coach, pneumonia. [48]
Tony Gordon, 63, New Zealand rugby league player and coach. [49]
Edd Gould, 23, British animator (Eddsworld), acute lymphoblastic leukemia. [50]
Mona Kapoor, 48, Indian television producer, cancer. [51]
Ben-Zion Leitner, 85, Israeli soldier, Medal of Valor recipient. [52]
Tom Lodge, 75, British radio DJ, cancer. [53]
João Mineiro, 76, Brazilian sertanejo singer, heart attack. [54] (Portuguese)
Tony Newton, Baron Newton of Braintree, 74, British politician, Leader of the House of Commons (1992–1997), MP for Braintree (1974–1997). [55]
Sofoklis Peppas, 63, Greek actor, cancer. [56] (Greek)
Ken Reeves, 50, American meteorologist (AccuWeather), injuries from fall. [57]
Larry Stevenson, 81, American skateboard innovator, pneumonia and Alzheimer's disease. [58]
Bert Sugar, 74, American boxing writer and historian, cardiac arrest. [59]
Antonio Tabucchi, 68, Italian novelist (Indian Nocturne, Pereira Maintains). [60]
Iqbal Bahu, 60, Pakistani singer, cardiac arrest. [61]
Dennis Bennett, 72, American baseball player (Philadelphia Phillies, Boston Red Sox). [62]
Vigor Bovolenta, 37, Italian Olympic silver medal-winning (1996) volleyball player, heart attack. [63] (Italian)
Sir Paul Callaghan, 64, New Zealand physicist, colon cancer. [64]
Henry Maitland Clark, 82, British colonial administrator and politician, MP for Antrim, North (1959 – 1970). [65]
Shigeru Kinjō, 78, Japanese sanshin player, lung disease. [66] (Japanese)
Vince Lovegrove, 65, Australian musician and journalist, car accident. [67]
Marion Marlowe, 83, American singer and stage actress, natural causes. [68]
Edward Henryk Materski, 89, Polish Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Radom (1992–1999). [69] (Polish)
Nick Noble, 85, American pop and country singer ("The Tip of My Fingers", "Moonlight Swim"). [70]
Jose Prakash, 86, Indian actor, heart failure. [71]
P. K. Roy, 91, Indian journalist and newspaperman, Chairman of Press Trust of India. [72]
Yoshiko Tamura, 79, Japanese non-fiction writer, rectal cancer. [73] (Japanese)
Jocky Wilson, 62, Scottish darts player. [74]
Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed, 77, Somali politician, President (2004–2008), liver failure. [75]
Toyohiko Aida, 74, Japanese baseball player (Chunichi Dragons), pneumonia. [76] (Japanese)
Chico Anysio, 80, Brazilian comedian, renal and pulmonary failure. [77] (Portuguese)
Jean-Yves Besselat, 68, French politician. [78] (French) (death announced on this date)
Jim Duffy, 75, American animator (Rugrats, The Smurfs), cancer. [79]
Eric Lowen, 60, American singer and songwriter ("We Belong", "Everything I Wanted"), complications from ALS. [80]
Péter Pázmándy, 73, Hungarian-born Swiss footballer and coach. [81] (Hungarian)
Kikumasa Takemura, 80, Japanese business president (Akita Asahi Broadcasting), pneumonia. [82] (Japanese)
Naji Talib, 95, Iraqi politician, Prime Minister (1966–1967). [83]
Lonnie Wright, 68, American football (Denver Broncos) and basketball (Denver Rockets) player, heart failure. [84]
Joe Blanchard, 83, American player of Canadian football (Edmonton Eskimos), professional wrestler and promoter, squamous-cell carcinoma. [85]
C. K. Chandrappan, 76, Indian politician, Secretary of the Communist Party of India (Kerala), member of the Lok Sabha (1977–1980; 2004–2010), cancer. [86]
Samuel L. Glazer, 89, American entrepreneur (Mr. Coffee), leukemia. [87]
Demir Gökgöl, 74. Turkish-born German actor. [88] (Turkish)
Johnny McCauley, 86, Irish singer-songwriter. [89]
Mohammed Merah, 23, French jihadist and spree killer, shot. [90]
Vimal Mundada, 49, Indian politician, cancer. [91]
Jackson Narcomey, 70, American painter. [92]
Muhammad Ibrahim Nugud, 80, Sudanese politician, Secretary General of the Sudanese Communist Party (since 1971). [93]
John Payton, 65, American civil rights attorney (Gratz v. Bollinger). [94]
Matthew White Ridley, 4th Viscount Ridley, 86, British nobleman. [95]
Al Ross, 100, American cartoonist (The New Yorker). [96]
Ron Stewart, 79, Canadian ice hockey player (Toronto Maple Leafs, New York Rangers, Boston Bruins), cancer. [97]
David Waltz, 68, American computer scientist. [98]
Lacy Banks, 68, American sports columnist (Chicago Sun Times) and author, heart disease. [99]
Christine Brooke-Rose, 89, British writer and literary critic. [100]
John George Chedid, 88, Lebanese-born American Maronite hierarch, first Bishop of Our Lady of Los Angeles (1994–2000). [101]
Ron Erhardt, 81, American football coach (New England Patriots). [102]
Robert Fuest, 84, English film director. [103]
Bruno Giacometti, 104, Swiss architect, brother of Alberto and Diego Giacometti. [104] (German)
Jan Goossenaerts, 111, Belgian supercentenarian, oldest man in Europe. [105] (French)
Tonino Guerra, 92, Italian poet and screenwriter (L'Avventura, L'eclisse, Blowup, Amarcord). [106]
Ichirō Ishi, 100, Japanese scholar of American literature, complications from senility. [107] (Japanese)
Irving Louis Horowitz, 82, American sociologist (Rutgers University, Washington University), surgical complications. [108]
Murray Lender, 81, American entrepreneur (Lender's Bagels), complications from a fall. [109]
Alan Mann, 75, British motor racing team owner (Alan Mann Racing). [110]
José Matanhy de Saldanha, Indian politician and social activist, heart attack. [111]
Yuri Razuvaev, 66, Russian chess player and trainer. [112] (Russian)
Marina Salye, 77, Russian geologist and politician, heart attack. [113] (Russian)
Shao Xianghua, 99, Chinese scientist. [114] (Chinese)
Kåre Tveter, 90, Norwegian artist. [115] (Norwegian)
D. Venkatesh, 27, Indian footballer, cardiac arrest. [116]
Kjell-Henry Dahlberg, 63, Swedish artist and actor. [117] (Swedish)
Noboru Daishin, 74, Japanese sumo wrestler. [118] (Japanese)
Lincoln Hall, 56, Australian mountaineer and author, mesothelioma. [119]
Noboru Ishiguro, 73, Japanese animator and animation director (Space Battleship Yamato, The Super Dimension Fortress Macross, Megazone 23). [120] (Japanese)
Ante Jurić, 89, Croatian Roman Catholic prelate, Metropolitan Archbishop of Split and Makarska (1988–2000). [121]
Hirofumi Kabashima, 56, Japanese editor-in-chief, drowned. [122] (Japanese)
Mel Parnell, 89, American baseball player (Boston Red Sox), cancer. [123]
Stanislav Rassadin, 77, Russian literary critic, heart attack. [124] (Russian)
Frits de Ruijter, 94, Dutch Olympic athlete. [125] (Dutch)
Chaim Pinchas Scheinberg, 101, Polish-born Israeli Haredi rabbi and rosh yeshiva. [126]
Jim Stynes, 45, Irish-born Australian football player, cancer. [127]
Bernard Zadi Zaourou, 73, Ivorian politician and author, heart complications. [128]
Hanne Borchsenius, 76, Danish actress. [129] (Danish)
Gene DeWeese, 78, American author. [130]
Ulu Grosbard, 83, Belgian-born American theatre and film director (The Subject Was Roses, American Buffalo). [131] (body found on this date)
William J. Hibbler, 65, American federal judge, District Judge for the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois (since 1999). [132]
Norman Mark, 72, American film critic and entertainment journalist, multiple myeloma. [133]
Sanford N. McDonnell, 89, American businessman (McDonnell Douglas), pancreatic cancer. [134]
Seiichi Sakurada, 76, Japanese composer, acute leukemia. [135] (Japanese)
István Suti, 72, Hungarian Olympic equestrian. [136]
Knut Erik Tranøy, 93, Norwegian philosopher. [137] (Norwegian)
Imra Agotić, 69, Croatian major general, commander of the Air Force. [138]
Haim Alexander, 96, German-born Israeli composer. [139] (Hebrew)
Furman Bisher, 93, American sports writer (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution), heart attack. [140]
William R. Charette, 79, American Medal of Honor recipient. [141]
Margaret Cooke, 111, British supercentenarian, nation's third oldest person. [142]
Gary Cornell, 34, Australian musician (Pyramid of the Coyote). [143]
Samba Diallo, Guinea-Bissauan head of military intelligence, shot. [144]
Shirley May France, 79, American swimmer. [145]
Kōsen Hagihara, 75, Japanese sculptor, infective endocarditis. [146] (Japanese)
Bob Henry, 92, American television producer and director (The Nat King Cole Show, The Flip Wilson Show). [147]
Yoshihisa Koyama, 79, Japanese calligrapher, brain hemorrhage. [148] (Japanese)
António Leitão, 51, Portuguese Olympic bronze medal-winning (1984) athlete, iron overload. [149] (Portuguese)
Warren Luening, 70, American musician. [150]
William G. Moore Jr., 91, American Air Force general. [151]
Alan Pegler, 91, British railway preservationist. [152]
George Tupou V, 63, Tongan King (since 2006). [153]
Anarghyros Printesis, 74, Greek Eastern Catholic hierarch, Apostolic Exarch of Greece (1975–2008). [154]
Nikos Vastardis, 88, Greek actor, complications after an accident. [155] (Greek)
Eric Watson, 56, British photographer, heart attack. [156]
Jalal Zolfonun, 74, Iranian setar player and composer, heart disease. [157]
Patience Abbe, 87, American children's author. [158]
Bernard Cohen, 87, American nuclear physicist. [159]
John Cowles, Jr., 82, American businessman and philanthropist, lung cancer. [160]
John Demjanjuk, 91, Ukrainian Nazi war criminal, natural causes. [161]
Tarō Fujioka, 47, Japanese actor and comedian, abdominal trauma. [162] (Japanese)
John T. Henley, 90, American politician, President pro tempore of the North Carolina Senate (1975–1978). [163]
Famara Jatta, 53, Gambian government minister and economist, Governor of the Central Bank (2003–2007). [164]
Yūji Kinoshita, 60, Japanese entrepreneur, president of Tokyu Department Store, heart failure. [165] (Japanese)
Rina Litvin, 73, Israeli author and translator. [166]
Jaye Radisich, 35, Australian politician, Western Australian MLA for Swan Hills (2001–2008), cancer. [167]
Pope Shenouda III of Alexandria, 88, Egyptian Pope of the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria (since 1971), prostate cancer. [168]
Margaret Whitlam, 92, Australian swimmer and activist, wife of Gough Whitlam, complications from a fall. [169]
Fukiko Yasunaga, 92, Japanese poet, pancreatic cancer. [170] (Japanese)
Chaleo Yoovidhya, 88, Thai businessman (Red Bull), natural causes. [171]
Fakhra Younus, 33, Pakistani acid attack victim, suicide by jumping. [172]
Aziz Ab'Saber, 87, Brazilian geologist, heart attack. [173] (Portuguese)
M. A. R. Barker, 83, American professor, fantasy novelist, and role-playing game creator. [174]
Estanislao Basora, 85, Spanish footballer. [175]
Andy Brown, 50, Zimbabwean musician, pneumonia. [176]
Bijan Chowdhury, 81, Indian sculptor. [177]
Mervyn Davies, 65, Welsh rugby union player, cancer. [178]
John Ghindia, 86, American football player (University of Michigan). [179]
Robert Hails, 89, American air force general, vice commander of Tactical Air Command. [180]
Donald E. Hillman, 93, American World War II flying ace. [181]
Mikhail Kurilko-Ryumin, 89, Russian set and costume designer. [182] (Russian)
Camilo Maccise, 74, Mexican Roman Catholic priest, Superior general of the Order of Discalced Carmelites (1991–2003), cancer. [183]
Bronislav Poloczek, 72, Czech theatre and television actor. [184] (Czech)
Peter Serracino Inglott, 75, Maltese philosopher. [185]
Anita Steckel, 82, American artist. [186]
Takaaki Yoshimoto, 87, Japanese poet, critic, and professor (Tokyo Institute of Technology), pneumonia. [187]
Dieter Zechlin, 85, German pianist. [188] (German)
Edvard Hagerup Bull, 89, Norwegian composer. [189] (Norwegian)
Bob Day, 67, American Olympic (1968) distance runner, bladder cancer. [190]
Bhanwar Lal Dhaka, 47, Indian sport shooter, 2002 Commonwealth Games gold medalist, cardiac arrest. [191]
Huib Eversdijk, 78, Dutch politician, Member of the House of Representatives (1977–1991), Member of the Senate (1991–2003). [192] (Dutch)
Lily Garafulic, 97, Chilean sculptor and professor. [193] (Spanish)
Luis Gonzales, 81, Filipino actor, pneumonia. [194]
Herb Gregg, American college basketball coach (Northern Arizona University). [195]
Nigel Napier, 14th Lord Napier, 81, British soldier and courtier. [196]
Dave Philley, 91, American baseball player (Baltimore Orioles, Chicago White Sox, Philadelphia Athletics). [197]
Pepe Rubio, 80, Spanish actor. [198]
Jean-Marie Souriau, 89, French mathematician. [199] (French)
Joe Stanley, 104, American World War II pilot, commander of Eglin Air Force Base. [200]
Ray Barlow, 85, English footballer (West Bromwich Albion). [201]
Josie DeCarlo, 82, French model, inspiration for Josie of Josie and the Pussycats. [202].
Kihachi Enomoto, 75, Japenese baseball player (Daimai Orions), colorectal cancer. [203] (Japanese)
Himanish Goswami, 85, Indian writer and cartoonist, prostate cancer. [204]
Ernst-Günter Habig, 76, German Olympic footballer, stroke. [205] (German)
Eddie King, 73, American Chicago blues musician. [206]
Pierre Schoendoerffer, 83, French director (The Anderson Platoon), surgical complications. [207]
Carl Rattray, 82, Jamaican jurist and politician, Attorney General (1989–1993) and President of the Court of Appeal (1993–1999). [208]
Marcel Rohrbach, 78, French cyclist. [209] (French)
Ted L. Strickland, 79, American politician, Lieutenant Governor of Colorado (1973–1975). [210]
Ċensu Tabone, 98, Maltese politician, President (1989–1994) and Minister for Foreign Affairs (1987–1989). [211]
Princess Anna of Saxony, 82, German princess. [212]
Domitila Chúngara, 74, Bolivian labor leader and feminist, lung cancer. [213]
Bodjie Dasig, 48, Filipino singer and songwriter, cancer. [214]
Michel Duchaussoy, 73, French actor, cardiac arrest. [215] (French)
Moshe Yehoshua Hager, 95, Israeli rabbi, 5th Rebbe of Vizhnitz, Bnei Brak. [216]
Jock Hobbs, 52, New Zealand rugby union player and administrator, leukaemia. [217]
Frank Jordan, 79, Australian Olympic (1952) water polo player. [218]
Tom Johnson, 89, American astronomer and businessman, founder of Celestron. [219]
Noel Luces, 63, Trinidadian Olympic (1968) cyclist, stroke. [220]
Hans Ludvig Martensen, 84, Danish Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Copenhagen (1965–1995). [221]
Eileen McDonough, 49, American child actress (The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Waltons). [222]
Grete Nordrå, 87, Norwegian actress. [223] (Norwegian)
Lassi Nummi, 83, Finnish poet, writer and translator. [224] (Finnish)
Karl Roy, 43, Filipino singer (Kapatid, P.O.T.), cardiac arrest. [225]
Tetsunosuke Sawamura, 81, Japanese kabuki actor, pancreatic cancer. [226] (Japanese)
Lyudmila Shagalova, 88, Russian film actress (The Young Guard, Balzaminov's Marriage). [227] (Russian)
Cedric Sharpley, 59, British drummer. [228]
Amusa Shittu, 75, Nigerian footballer, effects of a stroke. [229]
Hasan Gafoor, 62, Indian police commissioner, heart attack. [230]
Dick Harter, 81, American basketball coach (Charlotte Hornets, University of Oregon), cancer. [231]
Michael Hossack, 65, American drummer (The Doobie Brothers), cancer. [232]
Friedhelm Konietzka, 73, German-born Swiss football player and manager, assisted suicide. [233]
Lefteris Mavroedis, 94, Greek journalist. [234] (Greek)
Augustin Misago, 69, Rwandan Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Gikongoro (since 1992). [235]
Wilson Abraham Moncayo Jalil, 67, Ecuadorian Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Santo Domingo en Ecuador (since 2002). [236]
Tom Murrin, 73, American performance artist under the stage names Tom Trash and the Alien Comic, cancer. [237]
Madeleine Parent, 93, Canadian union leader and women's rights activist. [238]
Gloria Sachs, 85, American fashion designer. [239]
Mike Silverstein, 85, Lithuanian-born co-founder of Nina Footwear, bacterial infection. [240]
Dick Woehrle, 81, American professional wrestling referee, colon cancer. [241]
Henry Adefope, 85, Nigerian politician, Foreign Minister (1978–1979). [242]
Hub Andrews, 89, American baseball player (New York Giants). [243]
Gian Nicola Babini, 67, Italian scientist. [244]
Faith Brook, 90, British actress. [245]
Sid Couchey, 92, American comic book artist (Richie Rich, Little Lotta, Little Dot), Burkitt's lymphoma. [246]
Alain Derobe, 76, French cinematographer and stereographer. [247]
Alba Encarnación, Puerto Rican activist. [248] (Spanish)
Wayne Frazier, 73, American football player (Kansas City Chiefs). [249]
Hans G. Helms, 79, German experimental writer. [250]
Philip Jenkinson, 76, English television presenter. [251]
Tom Manastersky, 83, Canadian football player (Montreal Alouettes, Saskatchewan Roughriders) and hockey player (Montreal Canadiens). [252]
James B. Morehead, 95, American World War II flying ace, stroke complications. [253]
Kazuhito Nagae, 75, Japanese politician and parliamentarian, pneumonia. [254] (Japanese)
Lanier W. Phillips, 88, American civil rights activist. [255]
John Souza, 91, American soccer player (1950 World Cup , 1948 and 1952 Olympics). [256]
Ghiath Tayfour, 42 or 43, Syrian boxing champion, shot. [257]
Agnes Torres Hernandez, Mexican LGBT rights activist, decapitated. [258]
Ian Turpie, 68, Australian actor and game show host, cancer. [259]
Miomir Vukobratović, 81, Serbian mechanical engineer. [260]
Tahira Wasti, 68, Pakistani actor. [261]
Nikos Dadinopoulos, 68, Greek actor, cancer. [262]
Jean Giraud, 73, French comic book artist (Blueberry, Métal Hurlant) and production designer (Tron, Alien). [263]
Julio César González, 35, Mexican Olympic boxer, injuries from a hit and run. [264]
Fausto Evelio Hernández Arteaga, 54, Honduran journalist, machete injuries. [265]
Jay McMullen, 90, American journalist (CBS News). [266]
Hermín Negrón Santana, 74, Puerto Rican Roman Catholic prelate, Auxiliary Bishop of San Juan de Puerto Rico (since 1981). [267]
R. I. Page, 87, British historian and runologist. [268]
Mykola Plaviuk, 86, Ukrainian politician, last President of the Ukrainian People's Republic in exile (1989–1992). [269] (Ukrainian)
Frank Sherwood Rowland, 84, American chemistry professor, Nobel laureate in Chemistry (1995), Parkinson's disease. [270]
Mitsuko Sakai, 90, Japanese actress, Parkinson's disease. [271] (Japanese)
Domna Samiou, 83, Greek singer and traditional music researcher. [272]
Tony Silipo, 54, Canadian politician, Ontario Minister of Education (1991–1993) and MPP for Dovercourt (1990–1999), brain tumor. [273]
Jammu Siltavuori, 85, Finnish murderer and sex offender. [274] (Finnish)
Tan Boon Teik, 83, Singaporean lawyer, Attorney-General (1967–1992), internal bleeding. [275]
Jack Watson, 90, English cricketer, football coach and scout. [276]
Richard White, 86, New Zealand rugby union player. [277]
Ethel Winter, 87, American dancer with the Martha Graham Dance Company and teacher at the Juilliard School. [278]
Nik Zoricic, 29, Canadian ski cross racer, brain injuries from race crash. [279]
Peter Bergman, 72, American comedian (The Firesign Theater), leukemia. [280]
Dennis Bowen, 61, American actor (Caddyshack II, Welcome Back, Kotter). [281]
Brian Bromley, 65, English footballer (Bolton Wanderers, Portsmouth). [282]
Herb Carnegie, 92, Canadian ice hockey player. [283]
Willye Dennis, 85, American civil rights activist and politician, member of the Florida House of Representatives (1992–1999). [284]
Joy Mukherjee, 73, Indian actor. [285]
Zuhir al-Qaisi, Palestinian militant leader, Secretary General of the Popular Resistance Committees (since 2011), air strike. [286]
Selma Rubin, 96, American activist and environmentalist. [287]
Jose Tomas Sanchez, 91, Filipino Roman Catholic prelate, Cardinal Priest of S. Pio V a Villa Carpegna (1991–2012). [288]
Terry Teene, 70, American singer and clown, injuries from a traffic collision. [289]
Bill Wedderburn, Baron Wedderburn of Charlton, 84, British academic and politician. [290]
Harry Wendelstedt, 73, American baseball umpire (1966–1998). [291]
Widjojo Nitisastro, 84, Indonesian economist and government minister. [292]
Kristin Bølgen Bronebakk, 61, Norwegian civil servant. [293] (Norwegian)
LaVerne Carter, 86, American bowler, heart failure. [294]
Leslie Cochran, 60, American street personality, activist, and politician, head trauma. [295]
Simin Daneshvar, 90, Iranian writer and academic, influenza. [296]
Ursula Dronke, 91, British medievalist. [297]
Jimmy Ellis, 74, American singer (The Trammps), complications of Alzheimer's disease. [298]
Compton Gonsalves, 85, Trinidad and Tobago Olympic cyclist. [299]
Bugs Henderson, 68, American blues guitarist, cancer. [300]
Charlie Hoag, 81, American Olympic gold-medal winning basketball player (1952). [301]
Scott Huey, 88, Irish cricketer. [302]
Toshiki Komazawa, 51, Japanese author and translator, strangled. [303] (Japanese) (body discovered on this date)
Elena Libera, 94 or 95, Italian Olympic (1948) fencer. [304] (Italian)
Jerry Miller, 72, American boxing trainer and promoter, heart attack. [305]
Minoru Mori, 77, Japanese businessperson, chairman and executive director of the Mori Building Company, founder of the Mori Art Museum, heart failure. [306] (Japanese)
Elio Pagliarani, 84, Italian poet and literary critic. [307]
Jens Petersen, 70, Danish footballer and manager. [308] (Danish)
Steve Romeo, 40, American ski mountaineer, avalanche. [309]
Mick Walker, 69, British motorcycling writer. [310]
Cris Alexander, 92, American actor and photographer. [311]
Gary DeCramer, 67, American politician, Minnesota state senator (1983–1993). [312]
Smaroula Giouli, 78, Greek actress. [313] (Greek)
Dave Hrechkosy, 60, Canadian ice hockey player (California Golden Seals, St. Louis Blues), brain cancer. [314]
Sir Raymond Lygo, 87, British admiral and businessman. [315]
Lucia Mannucci, 91, Italian singer. [316] (Italian)
Félicien Marceau, 98, French novelist, member of the Académie française. [317] (French)
Marcel Mouchel, 85, French footballer and manager. [318] (French)
Greg Novak, 61, American writer and wargame designer. [319]
Ravi, 86, Indian music director, cardio-respiratory arrest. [320]
Włodzimierz Smolarek, 54, Polish footballer. [321]
Tonka Štetić, 89, Croatian operatic soprano and mezzo-soprano. [322] (Croatian)
Pierre Tornade, 82, French actor. [323] (French)
Ramaz Urushadze, 72, Georgian footballer. [324] (Russian)
Mie Yamaguchi, 51, Japanese tarento and freelance news presenter, heart failure. [325] (Japanese)
Khalaf al-Ali, 45, Saudi Arabian diplomat, shot. [326]
Marcos Alonso Imaz, 78, Spanish football player (Real Madrid). [327]
Francisco Xavier do Amaral, 75, East Timorese politician, President (1975). [328]
Jaap Boersma, 82, Dutch politician, Minister of Social Affairs (1971–1977), Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries (1973). [329] (Dutch)
Jan Dawidziuk, 74, Polish-born American bishop of the Polish National Catholic Church. [330]
Rushworth Kidder, 67, American ethicist and writer, natural causes. [331]
Paula Lerner, 52, American photojournalist. [332]
Gemma McCluskie, 29, British actress (EastEnders), homicide. [333] (body found on this date)
Jacky Mekaiten, 57, Israeli singer, lyricist and composer. [334] (Hebrew)
Louis J. Michot, 89, American businessman and politician. [335]
Maurice Moyer, 93, American reverend and civil rights leader. [336]
Donald M. Payne, 77, American politician, U.S. Representative from New Jersey (since 1989), colon cancer. [337]
Arthur Anton Vogel, 88, American bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of West Missouri. [338]
Sayuri Yamauchi, 55, Japanese voice actress (Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, Crayon Shin-chan), cancer. [339] (Japanese)
Tasos Aliferis, 61, Greek politician, Mayor of Tilos (1984–2012), cancer. [340] (Greek)
Don Andrews, 82, Australian guitarist. [341]
Yehuda Ben-Haim, 56, Israeli Olympic boxer. [342]
Rafael Corporan De Los Santos, 71, Dominican television producer, host, and politician, Mayor of Distrito Nacional (1990–1994), heart attack. [343]
William Heirens, 83, American serial killer. [344]
Kanichi Kiyokawa, 83, Japanese politician, heart failure. [345] (Japanese)
Marian Kuszewski, 78, Polish Olympic silver medal-winning (1956, 1960) fencer. [346] (Polish)
Roland Lakes, 72, American football player (San Francisco 49ers, New York Giants). [347]
Carl Machover, 84, American computer graphics pioneer, prolonged illness. [348]
John Madigan, 94, American journalist, complications following a stroke. [349]
Philip Madoc, 77, Welsh actor (Dad's Army, The Life and Times of David Lloyd George). [350]
Maurice Pechet, 94, American academic. [351]
Robert B. Sherman, 86, American songwriter (Sherman Brothers). [352]
Ken Shipp, 83, American football coach. [353]
Adesh Kanwarjit Singh Brar, 62, Indian politician. [354]
Gomer Cool, 103, American television director and writer (You Asked for It). [355]
Felícia Fuster, 91, Catalan painter and poet. [356] (Catalan)
Yasuhiro Higashi, 61, Japanese baseball player (Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks), myocardial infarction. [357] (Japanese)
Robert Brendon Keating, 87, American diplomat, Ambassador to Madagascar and the Comoros (1983–1986), pneumonia. [358]
Fumio Kōnami, 78, Japanese scriptwriter, multiple organ failure. [359] (Japanese)
Paul McBride, 46, British lawyer. [360]
Don Mincher, 73, American baseball player (Minnesota Twins, California Angels, Oakland Athletics), President of the Southern League (2000–2011). [361]
Runako Morton, 33, Nevisian Test cricketer (West Indies), traffic collision. [362]
John C. Reiss, 89, American Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Trenton (1980–1997). [363]
Steven Rubenstein, 49, American anthropologist. [364]
Shmuel Tankus, 97, Israeli naval officer, fifth commander of the Navy. [365]
Joan Taylor, 82, American actress (Earth vs. the Flying Saucers, The Rifleman), natural causes. [366]
Viv Bingham, 79, British political activist. [367]
Steve Bridges, 48, American impressionist. [368]
Dave Charnley, 76, British boxer. [369]
Leonardo Cimino, 94, American actor (Moonstruck, Dune), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. [370]
A R Shamsud Doha, 83, Bangladeshi politician, Minister of Foreign Affairs (1982–1984). [371]
Henryk Grabowski, 82, Polish Olympic athlete. [372]
Lloyd Hittle, 88, American baseball player (Washington Senators). [373]
Per J. Husabø, 83, Norwegian politician. [374] (Norwegian)
Lutfullah Khan, 95, Pakistani writer and sound archivist. [375]
Franklin McMahon, 90, American artist and reporter. [376]
Ralph McQuarrie, 82, American conceptual designer and illustrator (Star Wars, Cocoon). [377]
Frank Marocco, 81, American accordionist, arranger and composer. [378]
Ronnie Montrose, 64, American guitarist (Montrose), prostate cancer. [379]
Jim Obradovich, 62, American baseball player (Houston Astros). [380]
Norris Stevenson, 72, American football player (Dallas Cowboys, Edmonton Eskimos, BC Lions), cancer. [381]
Kason Sugioka, 98, Japanese calligrapher, Order of Culture recipient, heart failure. [382] (Japanese)
Stephen M. Tiru, 74, Indian Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Dumka (1986–1995) and Khunti (since 1995). [383]
Hiroshi Tsuruoka, 75, Japanese businessperson, pneumonia. [384] (Japanese)
Alex Webster, 80, American football player (New York Giants, Montreal Alouettes) and coach (New York Giants). [385]
Lawrence Anthony, 61, South African conservationist and environmentalist, heart attack. [386]
Van T. Barfoot, 92, American soldier, Medal of Honor recipient, head injuries from a fall. [387]
Gerry Bridgwood, 67, English footballer (Stoke City), heart attack. [388]
George Firestone, 80, American politician, Secretary of State of Florida (1978–1987), Alzheimer's disease. [389]
Doug Furnas, 52, American professional wrestler, heart disease. [390]
Vera Galushka-Duyunova, 66, Russian volleyball player, cardiac arrest. [391] (Russian)
Yūji Inada, 84, Japanese biochemist (Tokyo Institute of Technology), lymphoma. [392] (Japanese)
Sir Keith Jones, 100, Australian medical practitioner and surgeon. [393]
Gary Kubly, 68, American politician, Minnesota State Senator (since 2002), amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. [394]
José Adolfo Mojica Morales, 75, Salvadorian Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Sonsonate (1989–2011). [395]
John Panelli, 85, American football player (Detroit Lions, Chicago Cardinals). [396]
Gérard Rinaldi, 69, French musician and actor (Les Charlots). [397] (French)
Norman St John-Stevas, Baron St John of Fawsley, 82, British politician and author, Leader of the House of Commons (1979–1981). [398]
Stan Stearns, 76, American photographer (John F. Kennedy, Jr. salute), lung cancer. [399]
James Q. Wilson, 80, American political scientist, co-author of the broken windows theory, leukemia. [400]
Isagani Yambot, 77, Filipino journalist, publisher of the Philippine Daily Inquirer (since 1994), heart attack. [401]
Blagoje Adžić, 79, Serbian politician. [402] (Serbian)
Phillip R. Allen, 72, American actor. [403]
Alice Arden, 97, American Olympic (1936) high jumper. [404]
Henryk Bałuszyński, 39, Polish footballer, heart attack. [405] (Polish)
Andrew Breitbart, 43, American publisher and political commentator, apparent heart attack. [406]
Jerome Courtland, 85, American actor, director, and producer, heart disease. [407]
Lucio Dalla, 68, Italian singer-songwriter and musician, heart attack. [408]
Fathulla Jameel, 69, Maldivian politician, Minister of Foreign Affairs (1978–2005), heart disease. [409]
9th Jebtsundamba Khutughtu, 80, Tibetan-born Mongolian Buddhist spiritual leader. [410]
Archie Kalokerinos, 85, Australian physician. [411]
Thomas J. Lydon, 84, American federal judge, sepsis and car accident complications. [412]
Germano Mosconi, 79, Italian sportswriter and news presenter. [413] (Italian)
Callan Pinckney, 72, American fitness professional, created Callanetics. [414]
Randy Primas, 62, American politician, Mayor of Camden, New Jersey (1981–1990), bone marrow cancer. [415]
Mary Russell-Vick, 89, English field hockey player. [416]