Anderson Cooper and dyngus day

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Anderson Cooper and dyngus day, CNN's Anderson Cooper has apologized for bashing Buffalo's Dyngus Day tradition on national TV, saying it was all just a big misunderstanding.

Tuesday night, Cooper started giggling after showing a video of the annual Dyngus Day celebrations in Buffalo. He kept giggling until tears streamed down his fast, and stated, "This is stupid." That remark didn't sit so well in Buffalo, and Polonia staged a protest.

Dyngus Day organizer Eddy Dobosiewicz said, "We will not sit back lightly and let the likes of Anderson Cooper have fun with us at our expense."

Wednesday night, Dobosiewicz appeared on Anderson Cooper 360, where the host explained, "I was not calling Dyngus Day stupid. There are tons of little known cultural and religious celebrations in this country and I enjoy them. I said it was stupid because it's stupid that a grown man giggles like a 13-year-old girl meeting Justin Beiber for the first time."

Dobosiewicz accepted the apology on behalf of Buffalo.

"Was it a joke on buffalo? Was it a joke on the Polls? If it was,t then that's not right. But if it was just the frivolity of it, I can certainly understand that," he conceded.

Dobosiewicz made Cooper an offer, telling him, "Come to our festivities next year and you will be the very first ever "Pussy Willow Prince.""

Cooper responded, "Are you trying to make me giggle again?"

Cooper said he couldn't promise to show because of his new schedule, but asked Dobosiewicz to contact him as the date approaches next year.

In the end, Dobosiewicz says Buffalo is getting national attention - and that's a good thing.

"We didn't start the fight, but we set him straight, put him in his place if you will," he grinned.

In addition to offering Cooper a title, Dobosiewicz is also sending him a Buffalo basket full of goodies from , including a supply of kielbasa.