Annie Leibovitz photography prices + up to $50,000

Annie Leibovitz photography prices + up to $50,000_The Afghan Girl, as she is known to all, is Sharbat Gula, an Afghan woman who fled to Pakistan during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan.
McCurry stumbled upon her in 1985 and immortalised her with this famous photograph that was carried on the cover of the National Geographic magazine’s June 1985 issue.‘We at the Sundaram Tagore Gallery are committed to bringing under the scanner, the exchange between the East and the West.
‘For this Art Fair, since it is our first time participating, we are presenting a special section on photography done by photographers from the West on subjects pertaining to the East,’ says Tagore, the owner of the gallery and after whom it is named.
While McCurry has done an open edition of the Afghan Girl, it is the first time that it is available on Indian shores. There is another image by McCurry, titled Jodhpur Fruit Vendor, which was taken in 1996.
The only other photographer to grab as much attention as McCurry at the Fair is Annie Leibovitz, whose portraits of America’s secretary of state Hilary Clinton and actor Steve Martin are iconic in their own right.
Among other photographers being showcased in the India section is SebastiĆ£o Salgado, whose quintessential 1995 image of Church Gate Station in Mumbai aka the city of migrants, has been an inspiration for many photo-journalists.
For 17 years (originally photo-captured in 1985) she was only recognized as “the Afghan Girl,” but with no name. In 2002 after years of searching, the girl’s name was revealed “It is Sharbat Gula. Her name, in the Pashto language of the Pashtun people, means sweet-water flower girl. Many women share the name Gula; it shows the love of the people for flowers.

source: alafoto