Bethany Storro acid attack hoax

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Bethany Storro acid attack hoax,As, in some respects, America seems to be caught in the throes of increasing racism, another story hit the news today, that of 28-year-old Bethany Storro who, last week, said she was the victim of a random acid attack by a black woman. Storro told police she was in a Washington, Oregon park just before dark, when a black woman walked up to her and asked, "Hey, pretty girl, want something to drink?". Then she threw acid in her face.
Police spent the last few days looking for an unidentified black woman, only to figure out Bethany Storro threw the acid in her own face - then lied about it. The fact she lied is bad enough, but why do people like Bethany Storro lie about their crimes and try to implicate African Americans? Are they simply a convenient target? And what does that say about racism in America?

Bethany Storro and her fake acid attack seemed suspect right from the beginning. According to Storro, when the acid had been thrown in her face, she was luckily wearing sunglasses, which saved her sight. Rumors immediately began to circulate as to why she would be wearing sunglasses when it was almost dark.

The second hint Bethany Storro might be lying was when she told police the black woman who approached her asked her, "Hey, pretty girl, want something to drink?" As Storro herself is severely deaf, people began to ask, in the heat of the moment, how did she know what the woman said? Lip-reading a complete stranger can be difficult and, if it happened as fast as Storro said it did, it would be almost impossible for her to figure out what the black woman was saying.

Storro herself confessed to lying about the random acid attack on Thursday, saying she had faked it. Police are now trying to ascertain why and if charges will be pressed against her.

Unfortunately, Bethany Storro is not the first, nor likely the last person, who faked a crime then accused a black person of doing it. One of America's most famous cases was that of Susan Smith, who drowned her two young sons by pushing her car into a lake with the boys strapped in their car seats, then blaming a "black man", who carjacked her. In the last 100 years in America, many blacks have been accused of crimes they haven't committed, and some have even been executed for them.

Why whites blame blacks for crimes they themselves commit is quite easy to understand. The erroneous 'common knowledge' just about every white thinks and that's perpetrated by the news media, is that blacks commit more crimes than whites. So, why not blame a black person. After all, the police are much more likely to arrest and charge a black person for a crime than they are a white, and a judge (who are predominantly white) is more likely to convict them.

In actual fact some studies now show, overall, blacks don't commit more crimes than whites, particularly against white folks (blacks are more likely to commit crimes against other blacks, so this urban legend about the 'scary black man' is just that - an urban legend) they are simply arrested for more crimes than whites, charged for more crimes than whites, and convicted at a higher rate for a crime than a white person is.

With a culture that not only believes blacks commit more crimes than whites, but actively spreads that belief, it's not then surprising that someone like Bethany Storro or Susan Smith would immediately blame a black person for their crime. After all, it's more likely to be believed than that they, a nice white girl from the suburbs, did it themselves.

Unluckily for both Storro and Smith but lucky for society as a whole, their crimes were discovered. Now if we can just get our police departments to stop racial profiling and go after the real criminal every time, instead of going after the person with the 'right skin color' (and that would be black), maybe America would get away from this lie that not only do blacks commit more crimes than white, they're actually a good scapegoat too.