Bill Clinton's IQ is 137

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Bill Clinton's IQ is 137

Bill Clinton's IQ is 137_According to the well known hoax Clinton's IQ was cited as 182. However this is clearly a gross exaggeration and his IQ has been reported to be 137.

There are two different I.Q. scales, what could be called the "baby scale" and a much more "rigorous" one. The rigorous one has even Einstein as "low" as 160.

The other scale has him at, say, 225 or so. I would imagine that the 180 I.Q. for Bill Clinton is from the "baby" scale, while the 137 score is from the much more rigorous
scale. From that point of view, with a 137 I.Q. score, on that scale Bill Clinton's I.Q. is MUCH higher than the average of the "general population."
With a 180 I.Q. score on the other scale, it means that (as a general rule of thumb) he would have been cognitively ready to start taking college-level courses, full-time, at the age of ten.

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