Famous Tax Evaders

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Famous Tax Evaders
Famous Tax Evaders, It's that time of year again: the dreaded Tax Day (when is the filing deadline this year? 2012 tax day IRS Tax Deadline is on Tuesday, April 17, 2012). For most people, it means late-night tax sessions and frantic trips to the post office. But for the following famous folks, tax time brought huge bills and – for a few of them – serious jail time.

Anthony Mason

When: 2011

The retired NBA All-Star played for several clubs during his 13-year career, but it was his time with this team that landed him on Wisconsin's Top 100 Delinquent Taxpayers list. +Wisconsin's Top 100 Delinquent Taxpayers

How much did he owe? Anthony Mason $2.07 million taxes

How much did he earn playing for the Bucks? Anthony mason $16 million playing for the Bucks

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

When: 2011

The world-champion boxer and "Dancing with the Stars" contestant apparently wasn't worried about his tax bill when cameras caught him pulling this stunt in an Atlanta nightclub. Floyd Mayweather burns $100 bill

How much did he owe? Floyd Mayweather owes $3.4 million

What is his estimated net worth? Floyd Mayweather estimated net worth $90 million

Pamela Anderson

When: 2010

The former "Baywatch" star – who reportedly used to spend thousands daily on her appearance – landed on her home state's list of delinquent taxpayers. Pamela Anderson $9,000 makeup, California delinquent taxpayers

How much did she owe? Pamela Anderson $493k

What is her net worth? Pamela Anderson net worth $5 million
Jim Thorpe

When: 2010

The pro golfer spent nearly a year in jail for failing to pay his income taxes. Montgomery federal prison camp, Jim Thorpe champions tour

How much did he owe? Jim Thorpe more than $2 million taxes

How much has he made in career earnings? Jim Thorpe career earnings + $13 million

Annie Leibovitz

When: 2009

Tax problems after the death of her longtime partner reportedly led the world-famous photographer to put up the copyrights to her entire collection as loan collateral. Annie Leibovitz art capital loan

How much did she owe? Annie Leibovitz $2.1 million taxes

Read about resolution on her $24 million loan. Annie Leibovitz finds new partner for art capital $24 million loan

What do her images cost? Annie Leibovitz finds new partner for art capital $24 million loan, Annie Leibovitz photography prices + up to $50,000

Nicolas Cage

When: 2009

The Academy Award winner – who's been known to make outlandish purchases – agreed to pay the IRS millions in back taxes. Nicolas Cage $276,000 skull

How much did he owe? Nicolas Cage $14 million

What's his net worth? Nicolas Cage net worth 2011 + $18 million

Allen Stanford

When: 2009

The Texas financier claimed ties to a prestigious college, founded an international cricket tournament and was even knighted before his fraud conviction. Stanford 20 20 cricket tournament, Allen Stanford knighthood, Allen Stanford convicted

How much did he owe? Allen Stanford $226 million

What was his former net worth? Allen Stanford former net worth $2.2 billion

O.J. Simpson

When: 2007

The former pro football player and actor – who was acquitted of murder in 1995 – found himself in hot water with the state of California. OJ Simpson murder trial, OJ Simpson delinquent taxpayer, OJ Simpson lovelock correctional center

How much did he owe? OJ Simpson $1.44 million taxes

Marc Anthony

When: 2007

The Latin singer – who reportedly spent big bucks on his pop-singer ex-wife – saw two associates plead guilty to tax felonies. Marc Anthony $2.6 million earrings, Bigram Zayes and Philip Sarna

How much did he owe? Marc Anthony $2.5 million taxes

What's his net worth? Marc Anthony net worth $40 million

What is his ex-wife's net worth? Jennifer Lopez net worth $250 million

Wesley Snipes

When: 2006

The "Blade" star and martial artist is currently serving prison time for failing to file federal income taxes. Wesley Snipes sentenced to 3 years

How much did he owe? Wesley Snipes + more than $15 million

What is his net worth? Wesley Snipes net worth + $1 million

Dennis Kozlowski

When: 2006

The former CEO of Tyco International reportedly spent thousands on bathroom decor and millions on his wife's birthday party before he was convicted on grand larceny and conspiracy charges. Dennis Kozlowski $6,000 shower curtain, Dennis Kozlowski wife's $2 million birthday party, Dennis Kozlowski convicted, Dennis Kozlowski work release

How much did he owe? Dennis Kozlowski + $21.2 million

What was his former net worth? Dennis Kozlowski former net worth + $600 million

Richard Hatch survivor

When: 2006

The original "Survivor" winner has served two jail sentences and a stint on "Celebrity Apprentice" since his 2000 victory. Richard Hatch celebrity apprentice,

How much did he owe? Richard Hatch owes $2 million

How much did he win on "Survivor"? Richard Hatch survivor won $1 million on Survivor

Heidi Fleiss

When: 1997

The troubled "Hollywood Madam" received a long prison sentence for unpaid taxes and went on to appear on "Celebrity Rehab." Heidi Fleiss seven years sentence, Heidi Fleiss sci-fi brothel

How much did she owe? Heidi Fleiss ordered to pay undisclosed amount in taxes

What is her net worth? Heidi Fleiss net worth + $5 million

Julio Cesar Chavez

When: 1996

The retired professional boxer was charged with tax fraud in his home country but went on to open a themed restaurant and train his boxing sons. Julio Cesar Chavez campeones restaurant, Julio Cesar Chavez trains sons

How much did he owe? Julio Cesar Chavez $12.7 million

Darryl Strawberry

When: 1995

The Major League Baseball All-Star battled drug problems and multiple arrests and cancer, but went on to raise money for his charity on a 2010 reality show. Darryl Strawberry arrested, Darryl Strawberry colon cancer, Darryl Strawberry celebrity apprentice

How much did he owe? Darryl Strawberry $430,000

How much were his MLB career earnings? Darryl Strawberry career earnings + $30 million

Pete Rose
When: 1990

The former Cincinnati Red – who was placed on Major League Baseball's ineligible list in 1989 – served jail time for filing false tax returns and faced tax problems again in 2004.

How much did he owe? Pete Rose nearly $1 million in back taxes.
How much was his record earning 1979 contract with the Phillies? Pete Rose 1979 $3.2 million contract with Philadelphia

Willie Nelson

When: 1990

The "Red-Headed Stranger" had several assets seized by the IRS, including a decked-out golf cart and his Texas ranch. Willie Nelson assets seized, Willie Nelson golf cart, Willie Nelson ranch sold by IRS, Willie Nelson IRS tapes,

How much did he owe? Willie Nelson $32 million taxes

What's his net worth? Willie Nelson net worth + $15 million
Leona Helmsley

When: 1989

The late "Queen of Mean" – known for her extravagant lifestyle and unusual heir– was convicted of tax evasion. Her infamous quote revealed during the trial probably didn't help her case. Leona Helmsley dog trouble, Leona Helmsley conviction, "only the little people pay taxes"

How much did she owe? Leona Helmsley $1.2 million

Her net worth? Leona Helmsley net worth $2.5 billion

Sophia Loren

When: 1980

The Italian bombshell returned to her home country to serve jail time for failing to file a tax return in 1964. Sophia Loren jailed

How much did she owe? Sophia Loren $200,000 taxes 1980

Her staggering salary for her role in 1964's "The Fall of the Roman Empire." Sophia Loren $1 million for Fall of the Roman Empire

Al Capone

When: 1931

The notorious Chicago gangster managed to avoid charges on more serious allegations but eventually served time for tax evasion. Valentine's day massacre, Al Capone tax evasion, Al Capone stroke and pneumonia

How much did he owe? Al Capone + $215,000 back taxes

Check out images of his luxury prison digs. Al Capone prison cell at Eastern State Penetentiary