Katy Perry demands no carnations

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Katy Perry demands no carnations, Although Katy Perry is all about the wacky costumes (including a blue wig and a whipped cream bra in her music video for “California Gurls”) she doesn’t want people to stare at her. Well, at least not if you’re her chauffeur. And drivers shouldn’t even think about striking up a conversation with her.

Perry’s rules regarding drivers deemed worthy enough to transport her to gigs are outlined in a 23-point “Principle Driver Policy” as part of the latest concert rider obtained by The Smoking Gun.

In addition to telling drivers not to “stare at the backseat through the rearview mirror,” the pop star wants chauffeurs to always use the far-left lane on the highway and include four water bottles in the vehicle. Oh, and don’t ask for autographs or pictures, “especially not while driving!” A chauffeur would obviously not dare engage in any shenanigans while driving if they had read point No. 18 – “Safety 1st.”