Mike Tyson one man show

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Mike Tyson one man show, "Iron" Mike Tyson, the former Boxing Heavyweight Champion and recent WWE Hall of Fame inductee, will be taking on a brand new challenge as he takes center stage during his one man show in Las Vegas, Nevada. The sideshow city will host Mike Tyson's "Undisputed Truth" at the MGM Grand's Hollywood Theatre.
There is no question that this ambition will be Mike Tyson's biggest challenge to date. During his reign on top as the best pound for pound boxer in the world, there was not one contender who could strike fear in "Iron" Mike. He was unshakable. But 2012 is a different time. Mike Tyson is a different man. And a one man show is a whole new set of rules. Though Las Vegas used to be his home, the one man show may certify to be anything but a happy homecoming. As a fan of Mike Tyson, I truly hope that the one man show is a giant success and he is able to regain the popularity and recognition he has lost. But the truth is, I feel like this is just another part of a series of botches that Mike Tyson has sustained since his boxing career fell at the waist side.

The main reason I feel Mike Tyson's one man show will go the way of Charlie Sheen's one man show, is because Mike Tyson has never been an eloquent speaker. Heck, no offense to Mike, but he is barely understandable. His high voice is timid and meek, while the string of vulgarities released during his tirades are often insane. For example, several years ago, Tyson told a room full of reporters that he would bite the face off a child. And though he seems to have calmed down a bit since his tantrum days, one can only imagine how volatile he may be on any given night.
My suggestion for those who are agreeable to shell out the hundred dollar ticket price; save your money. Wait for "Undisputed Truth" to have a successful run of shows before you spend money on another bet. Las Vegas is full of the circus lifestyle, so spend your money on tigers and not Tyson. The odds are in the favor of another Mike Tyson failure.