Molly sims baby serial killer

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Molly sims baby serial killer, Molly Sims Baby “Serial Killer”, As Molly Sims preps to welcome her and hubby Scott Stuber’s first child together, she’s indulging in as many of her favorite television programs as she can, even if they’re not rated G.

“I’m addicted to Dateline and 48 hours. Lately, when I turn it on, I pull the sheet over my belly to make sure my kid is not, like, a serial killer,” Sims, 38, told Us Weekly at the opening of Rosie Pope’s new maternity boutique in Santa Monica, Calif. Thursday. “I love those shows, but I’m like, ‘can he or she hear what they are saying?’ so I cover my belly.”

With four months to go, the 5-foot-9 model, who has admitted that she has had to add Spanx to her wardrobe to “hold everything in,” is ecstatic about being mom — but admits that some parts of motherhood have her shaking in her boots.

“I can’t wait to meet him or her. I’m so excited. I started to get a little bit nervous about labor. The unknown. You know?” she added to Us.