Prince Harry dating

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Prince Harry dating, When it comes to women, it seems Prince Harry has something in common with his older brother. Harry's new squeeze is rumored to be lingerie-model Florence Brudenell-Bruce, otherwise known as Flee, according to FoxNews 411. Prince William said that he first took an interest in Kate Middleton after seeing her model lingerie in a runway show.
Harry has been linked to several women in the past, so just who are the women who didn't make the cut?
Pippa Middleton
Rumors have been swirling about a possible romance between the sister of Kate Middleton and Harry. They have been spotted out together, and they even have pet nicknames for each other, according to The Daily Mail. Pippa calls him Commander and Harry calls her Commando. The only thing that can possibly squash these rumors is Harry's new relationship with Flee.
Chelsy Davy
The blonde from Zimbabwe dated Harry on and off since 2004. Davy was his guest to Kate and William's wedding, and this appearance sparked talk of a possible engagement between the two. Now that the couple is off-again, a wedding seems out of the question. Davy does not have the same respect for Harry's privacy as Kate has for William; she once announced a break-up with the prince on Facebook, according to The Telegraph.

Natalie Pinkham
Prince Harry and Natalie Pinkham are still good friends to this day. They dated back in 2006 while the prince was separated from Davy. Pinkham and Harry are so close he will most likely be attending Natalie's wedding later this year. She is a television star who is most remembered for a photo of her and the prince kissing, which was stolen from her. The photo made headlines all over the world and caused quite a bit of embarrassment for the two.
Camilla Romestrand
Harry was briefly linked to Norwegian music star Camilla Romestrand in 2010. The rocker boasted to friends about the relationship, telling them that she stayed the night in one of the royal palaces where Prince Harry served her breakfast in bed, according to CBS News.. The romance did not last for long: Harry was back together with Chelsy Davy months later, just in time for his big brother's wedding.
Is there a future for Harry and Flee, or is there only room for one lingerie model in the royal family? If Harry's dating history has shown us anything, odds are he will be back together with Davy in a few months. No matter whom Harry has been connected to in the past, he has always found himself back in the arms of Chelsy.