RIP jackie chan on Twitter

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RIP jackie chan on Twitter, RIP Jackie Chan have became twitter trending for the past few hours, the tweet was a hoax. In an official statement released through his official twitter account @eyeofjackiechan tweeted “Jackie is alive and well he did not suffer from heart attack and die, as was reported on many social networking sites and in online news reports.” It was also written in his official Facebook account.

Jackie Chan the 56 year old famous Hollywood actor from Hongkong was the latest victim of death hoax trigger by social networking sites.

The culprit of the said hoax news report have been identified. It started from a fake article entitled “Jackie Chan Dies of Heart Attack”. It was fake CNN article that was put together by the owner of the blog Skiphopz which triggered up the rumour and tweeted RIP Jackie Chan.
The source of the hoax news rumour about the death of Jackie Chan was the site, a free service, which allows users to just paste HTML code and recreate a webpage without having to host it.

RIP Jackie Chan was not true although some suspected that the hoax report was just a joke, and a preview for the coming April Fools Day. But joking about death was a serious matter. There were also another meaning for RIP according to some people who are retweeting the RIP Jackie Chan. According the RIP stands for Really Interesting Person and not Rest In Peace.

Here is the news report from an unreliable source that announced the death of Jackie Chan….