Rorrey "GQ" Fenty rapper

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Rorrey "GQ" Fenty rapper

Rorrey "GQ" Fenty rapper _The Fenty family seems to be obsessed with all things military.

Rihanna was an army of one in “couture military” garb for her 2009 “Hard” video and plays Petty Navy Officer Cora Raikes in the new summer 2012 summer blockbuster Battleship. Now her brother Rorrey is following suit with his debut single “Army.” The 21-year-old aspiring rapper, who rhymes under the pseudonym GQ, rep his sister to the fullest, sampling “G4L” from RiRi’s album Rated R produced by dancehall duo Chase & Status.
The song isn’t actually GQ’s—he’s simply featured on a track that technically belongs to fellow Bajan rapper Teff Mayweather but, hey, everyone has to start somewhere and GQ rhymes confidently, believing he is the next big thing: “Spit crack, I’m supplying the fiends / Talented nigga, brand new on the scene / With a crew and a team / Good enough to win the World Series with, nigga / Bring the ho’s and the cream.”

But the best line of the track has to go Teff who spits, “I’m from Barbados so all my women look like Rihanna.”

Ready for Rorrey’s debut? Attention! Is the track worthy of a salute or should GQ be honorably discharged from the rap game?

source: drjays