Famous Firings

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Famous Firings---Sacked, fired, axed -- whichever term you prefer, it is usually not pleasant. It certainly wasn’t for ESPN editor Anthony Federico, who was fired a few weeks ago for an ill-thought-out headline chink in the armor espn headline about Jeremy Lin. Good news for Federico -- he’s got company. Scroll through to see other people who have made the news for being let go.
Bryan Gonzalez
Fired: September 2009
The El Paso border patrol agent was let go after sharing his opinion on a hot topic with his colleague. Bryan Gonzalez fired for views on drug legalization, Bryan gonzalez border patrol for almost two years, Bryan gonzalez lawsuit
Clive Goodman
Fired: January 2007
Former editor at "News of the World," Goodman was sacked as Rupert Murdoch's News International phone-hacking scandal was first unfolding. Clive goodman sacked for phone hacking royal family
Lisa Howe
Fired: Dec. 2, 2010
The Belmont University soccer coach announced that a baby was on the way and was subsequently let go. But it wasn't her pregnancy that led to her firing. Lisa howe allegedly fired for being gay, Lisa howe fired after six seasons
Bill Kirk
Fired: June 14, 2010
This Notre Dame administrator position did he hold, bill kirk associate vice president for student affairs was fired by Father Thomas Doyle shortly after Doyle became vice president for student affairs. Bill kirk fired for protesting honor for obama, bill kirk fired due to organizational restructuring, bill kirk fired after 22 years
Cliff Mass
Fired: May 16, 2011
The Seattle-based weather expert cliff mass blog was fired by KUOW, Seattle's NPR affiliate, for talking about more than just the weather. Cliff mass fired for talking education and textbooks, cliff mass fired after 15 years at kuow
Gen. Stanley McChrystal
Fired: June 23, 2010
Gen. McChrystal was asked to step down president obama from leading this war in afghanistan after an interview with Rolling Stone. War in Afghanistan, Gen mcchrystal fired for remarks about administration officials, gen mcchrystal fired after one year
Michael Mendes
Fired: Feb. 8, 2012
Diamond Foods, Inc. diamond foods fired CEO Mendes after an audit turned up a certain payment deficiency. Unfortunately for the company, and its shareholders, shares dropped a considerable amount shares drop 40 percent after diamond foods audit after just one day. Mendes fired over improper payments for walnut growers, michael mendes served as CEO of Diamond Foods since 1998
Octavia Nasr
Fired: July 8, 2010
When CNN senior editor Nasr took to a popular social media network twitter to express her religious views, the result was not good -- the network fired her the next day. Octavia Nasr fired over tweet praising late ayatollah, Octavia nasr fired after 20 years
Joe Paterno
Fired: Nov. 9, 2011
Longtime Penn State football coach Paterno was fired late last year after years of successful seasons at the school wins did he have joe paterno 409 wins. He died just a few months later. Paterno fired over penn statechild abuse scandal, joe paterno at penn state for nearly 46 years
Rick Sanchez
Fired: Oct. 1, 2010
CNN anchor Sanchez was fired after saying some not-so-nice things about another high-profile talk show host. Rick sanchez fired for calling jon stewart a bigot, rick sanchez "six wonderful years" with CNN
Paula Abdul
Fired: Jan. 30, 2012
Singer-turned-TV show judge Paula Abdul was recently fired from the U.S. version of "The X Factor." Steve jones and nicole scherzinger fired from x factor, Paula abdul statement about firing from x factor, Paula abdul irrelevant to the mix on x factor, Paula abdul on x factor for 1 season
Ron Schiller
Resigned: March 8, 2011
The NPR advertising executive resigned after his comments about a certain political movement tea party movement were caught on tape. NPR have to say We are appalled by the comments made by Ron Schiller" and also resigned as a result of this controversy NPR Ceo Vivian Schiller, +Ron schiller called tea party supporters 'racist', Ron schiller + The Aspen Institute
Shirley Sherrod
Resigned: July 19, 2010
The Department of Agriculture employee was asked to resign by the Obama administration, which later apologized to Sherrod and offered her a new position sherrod says "no thanks" to new position. Shirley sherrod asked to resign after edited video of her speaking at an NAACP conference, Shirley sherrod was at USDA in 2009
Charlie Sheen
Fired: March 7, 2011
The "Two and a Half Men" star was fired last year after exhibiting some odd behavior Charlie sheen odd behavior. His new show anger management Tv show, also starring this actress Selma Blair, debuts this summer. Charlie sheen fired for admitting to cocaine use; making derogatory public comments about the show, Charlie sheen fired after 7 years
Jimmy ‘the Greek’ Snyder
Fired: Jan. 16, 1988
Sports commentator and analyst show was he often on the nfl today tv show, Jimmy "the Greek" Snyder was fired by CBS after many years spent as a broadcaster for the network. Jimmy the greek fired for remarks about blacks, Jimmy the greek fired after 12 years
Julian White
Fired: Nov. 23, 2011
The band director florida a & m university was fired after a drum major in the band died suddenly. Police said hazing was suspected to have played a role in the student's death. Alcorn state fires julian white for misconduct and/or incompetence, Julian white worked at florida a&m for 39 years
Juan Williams
Fired: Oct. 20, 2010
NPR fired the longtime analyst after he made some controversial comments to Bill O'Reilly on "The O'Reilly Factor." Juan williams fired for saying when he is on a plane with Muslims, "I get nervous." Juan williams fired from npr after 10 years
Michael C. Woodford
Fired: Oct. 14, 2011
The Olympus board claims it let British CEO Woodford go for one particular reason woodford fired for management style, but Woodford says otherwise. Turns out Woodford might have been closer to the truth, as a number of Olympus executives were arrested in mid-February, Olympus ex-president and six others arrested, +Woodford fired for challenging $687 million for takeover money, Olympus fires Woodford after 6 months
Leo Apotheker
Fired: Sept. 22, 2011
Apotheker was recently fired from his post as CEO of one of the world’s biggest technology companies Hewlett-Packard. Changes in strategy and lackluster financial results played a part, but it was an Aug. 18, 2011 announcement that really sealed Apotheker's fate. Apotheker said HP would get out of the PC business, Apotheker CEO of HP 11 months
Amiri Baraka
Position eliminated: July 2, 2003
Poet and actor Baraka was asked to resign from his post as poet laureate of New Jersey, and although Baraka refused, the position was eliminated soon after the resignation request. Amiri bakara resigned controversial poem, Somebody blew up america poem, Amiri Baraka 1 year as poet laureate
Carol Bartz
Fired: Sept. 6, 2011
The former CEO Carol Bartz of an international web site yahoo was, according to an email she sent out to her employees, fired over the phone by Chairman of the Board Roy Bostock, who later stepped down. Yahoo states leadership reorganization in firing of bartz, Carol bartz yahoo CEO nearly 3 years
Anthony Federico
Fired: Feb. 19, 2012
ESPN editor Federico was fired for what he calls an "honest mistake" surrounding a headline he wrote about a rising star in the NBA. Anthony federico fired for writing racist headline, Federico worked at espn since 2006
Zoe Cruz
Fired: Nov. 29, 2007
Once pegged as the next CEO of a major financial-services firm morgan stanley, Co-President Cruz was fired from the firm in 2007. She was viewed by some to be a powerful woman and was often referred to with a certain phrase Zoe cruz most powerful woman on wall street, Zoe Cruz fired for mortgage-related losses, zoe cruz fired after 25 years at morgan stanley, zoe cruz hedge fund
Crystal Dixon
Fired: May 8, 2008
The associate vice president of human resources university of toledo was fired for writing about her position on a certain political hot topic. Crystal dixon fired for writing controversial letter about gay rights, crystal dixon sued university of toledo
Ian Edmondson
Fired: Jan. 26, 2011
"News of the World" assistant news editor Edmondson was sacked and later arrested in Operation Weeting, the investigation into a News International scandal that ultimately led to other arrests, firings and scrutiny of top-level executives. ian edmondson sacked for role material evidence found supporting role in phone hacking, Edmondson editor at news of the world 7 years