Famous mothers-in-law
Mother-In-Law Day is October 28. In honor, we take a look at mothers-in-law who have made a name for themselves, whether for making music history, behind-the-scenes work in Hollywood, or their political activism. Can you guess the famous mothers-in-law of these individuals?
Camilla Parker Bowles

Mothers-in-law can wield plenty of power in a family dynamic, but when your spouse’s mother is the head of a royal family, as in Camilla’s case, her reign extends over an entire country.
Chris Martin

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin isn’t the only one in the family bringing home awards. His wife is an Academy Award-winning actress , and his mother-in-law has her own Emmy and Tony awards, as well as a reputation for environmental and health-care activism.
Christine Taylor

Christine Taylor, known for her roles in a myriad of films and television shows (christine taylor filmography), is married to afunnyman writer, actor and producer, who undoubtedly inherited his comedic chops from his parents. Taylor’s mother-in-law is a comedienne best known for teaming up with her humorous hubby.
Dean McDermott

Dean McDermott, an actor perhaps best known for starring in reality shows alongside his famous wife, is the son-in-law of a writer and Hollywood socialite. His mother-in-law is also the widow of one of the most successful TV and film producers of all time.
Diane Lane

Actress Diane Lane, who made her onscreen debut at the age of 13, shares the family spotlight with herthespian husband, who is the stepson of one of the few entertainers in history who can lay claim to Grammy, Emmy, Oscar and Tony awards.  
Erica Dahm

Erica Dahm, one in a set of identical triplets, appeared with her sisters in several issues of Playboy,as well as in films and on television shows. Dahm’s (jay mcgraw) mother-in-law appears at the end of every episode of the family patriarch’s advice-driven TV show and has developed a following of her own with her books.
Henry Chase Hager
As a White House aide, Hager worked on the then-president’s reelection campaign before marrying one of the first daughters. His mother-in-law used her platform as first lady to promote education and literacy.
Kyle Martino

Former professional soccer player and current TV soccer analyst Kyle Martino and his wife eva amurri is the son-in-law of a highly acclaimed actress who uses the fame she has garnered to bring attention to various political and human-rights causes.
Marc Mezvinsky

Marc Mezvinsky, the son of two politicians, doubled his political ties when he wed the daughter of two powerful U.S. political figures. His father-in-law is a former president, and his mother-in-law is the only first lady to later serve in a president’s cabinet.
Writer-director Mark Bamford is the son-in-law of the first black actress to star in her own television series Julia (TV) in a nonstereotypical role.
Peter Sarsgaard

Actor Peter Sarsgaard is the husband of a talented actress and the son-in-law of a behind-the-scenes talent, an Oscar-nominated and Golden Globe-winning screenwriter.
Rodney Kendrick

In 1996, jazz pianist, composer and band leader Rodney Kendrick wed an actress whose mother had tremendous success as a solo artist after leading an immensely popular Motown group 
Samantha Bryant
Publicist Samantha Bryant found herself in the public eye when she married into a family of Hollywood royalty. Her husband is a film and television star, much like his famous dad and stepmother, who released her first solo album this year.
Simone Bent
Actress Simone Bent’s husband is a Golden Globe-nominated actor and the son of an Academy Award-winning actress, political activist and former fitness guru.

Sandra Blazic
For many years, Sandra Blazic assisted a movie star, and in 2000, she married one. Her husband’s profession is, however, a far cry from that of his stepmother, who is a social and political activist and an icon of the women’s liberation movement.