Cuomo Seek Aid Storm, Governor Cuomo to seek $30B in superstorm federal aid Posted at: 11/12/2012 7:53 PM By: Associated Press | Gov. Andrew Cuomo plans to request $30 billion in federal aid to rebuild after Superstorm Sandy.
The storm heavily damaged parts of New York City and Long Island. Cuomo says the Obamaadministration will seek a supplemental appropriation to cover infrastructure, repair and emergency costs beyond those normally covered by federal emergency aid. Cuomo says he's asked for "100 percent reimbursement.

"Meanwhile, New York City is pouring half a billion dollars into repairing public schools andhospitals.

Twenty-three schools and two city-owned hospitals remain closed two weeks after the storm. The repairs would include structural restorations, new boilers, new electrical systems androof repairs.

The city council will vote on the plan on Tuesday. Mayor Michael Bloomberg says the city has already spent $134 million on storm-related emergency relief.

Meanwhile, gasoline rationing will come to an end in New Jersey tomorrow morning, but it remains in place in New York City and Long Island.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg says the odd-even system appears to have eased the post-storm gasoline crunch, but he's going to leave the system in place "for a while." For more Rochester, N.Y. news go to our website us on Facebook & follow us on Twitter Print Story