Doherty Calls Cops

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Doherty Calls Cops--Back in the day, Shannen Doherty had the reputation of being a rather nasty person in real life but, over the weekend, at least one fan got confirmation of how kind and thoughtful she is. Had the fan been in real danger, she would have owed Shannen her life.
TMZ reports that the whole thing started on Twitter, when the female fan (not identified to the press) began tweeting the actress that she would kill herself if she didn’t receive a phone call from her ASAP.

Doherty immediately alerted the police and collaborated with them from across the country until they could determine that the unnamed woman was out of harm’s way.

“The Westampton Township Police Department in New Jersey confirms Doherty – who lives in L.A. – contacted officers late Sunday night and told police she had been receiving several disturbing tweets from a fan who threatened to kill herself unless she got a phone call from the actress,” TMZ writes.

Admittedly, Shannen was led to believe that the woman had a gun, one she planned to use if the actress didn’t deliver and would still refuse to call her in person.
“According to the WTPD, Shannen was able to get the fan to reveal her address... and cops were immediately dispatched to the woman's home,” TMZ says.

Police immediately went to her house, where they found other family members as well. The woman was in her room but not even the most thorough searches could reveal anything even remotely similar to a weapon with which she might have ended her life.

On the same note, when the cops barged into her room, she told them that she had no intention of taking her own life or harming herself in any way, despite the tweets she’d sent out earlier that day.

“The woman was offered medical attention – which she declined – and cops left the scene after determining she was safe in the care of her family,” TMZ reports.

Word got back to Doherty that the tweets had been just a nasty (and gratuitous) scare, but she still tweeted a word of praise about the cops who helped her in the “crisis.”

“Thank you to the Westampton police department for being diligent and so reassuring,” she wrote, as per the same media outlet.