Most Popular Baby Name 2012

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Most Popular Baby Name 2012, When you think of certain names it’s easy to pin them to certain generations. A name like Mildred would likely belong to an older lady where as Paris would be thought to be the current kids of today. Names go in trends like anything else and even if you don’t think you are affected the trendy names may well affect your choice of baby name! So what names are popular in 2012 for babies?

So what names are popular this year, do you think there are any crazy surprises? We don’t have access to all hospital records but the website Baby Center has published a list of it’s most popular names for babies from it’s users for this year so far. That list can be seen below and guess what the top name for a boy and girl before you read it…..

BabyCenter Population


1 Liam Emma
2 Ethan Olivia
3 Noah Sophia
4 Mason Ava
5 Jacob Isabella
6 Jack Mia
7 Aiden Ella
8 Jackson My
9 Logan Emily
10 Lucas Lily
11 Benjamin Chloe
12 William Madison
13 Ryan Abigail
14 Jayden Amelia
15 James Charlotte
16 Alexander Avery
17 Michael Addison
18 Owen Harper
19 Elijah Grace
20 Matthew Hannah
21 Luke Sofia
22 Joshua Zoe
23 Gabriel Zoey
24 Daniel Sophie
25 Carter Aubrey
26 Dylan Natalie
27 Nathan Elizabeth
28 Caleb Brooklyn
29 Oliver Lucy
30 Henry Evelyn
31 Andrew Audrey
32 Gavin Claire
33 Evan Layla
34 Landon Anna
35 Max Lillian
36 Eli Samantha
37 Samuel Ellie
38 My Maya
39 Connor Stella
40 Tyler Riley

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So it is interesting to see that the top names are still nothing too crazy, at least amongst the Baby Center population. Liam, Emma, Ethan, Olivia, Noah and Sophia are all very old names now that have remained fairly popular through recent (and older) human times.

However heading a bit further down the list a few more modern names like Stella and Tyler pop up but nothing you would consider way out there just yet.

Names stay with a kid for their whole lives so it’s understandable that parents often stick with more common names. Sometimes names carry on down with the family line and this also helps keep the same names rolling on and on and on.

So, what name have you chosen for your children and if you have one born or due this year what name has been chosen