Bazinga Bee Big Bang Theory

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Bazinga Bee Big Bang Theory, A Brazilian biologist named a species of Brazilian orchid bee 'Euglossa bazinga'CNN reported today, in honor of Dr.Sheldon Cooper, played by two-time Emmy-winning Jim Parsons.

Brazilian biologist Andre Nemesio from the Universidade Federal de Uberlandia recently discovered a new bee species that he thinks fits the "bazinga" bill. Because the new species so closely resembles the Euglossa ignita, a more common Western Brazilian orchid bee, it wasn't recognized as a separate species -- therefore it "tricked" scientists for years.

Orchid bees are a beautiful, but poorly understood type of bee, that collect all sorts of chemicals that they then use to attract females. These bees co-evolved with the plants they collect from, and the plants rely on the bees for pollination.

The specific epithet honors the clever, funny, captivating 'nerd' character Sheldon Cooper...Sheldon Cooper's favorite comic word "bazinga", used by him when tricking somebody, was here chosen to represent the character. Euglossa bazinga sp. n. has tricked us for some time due to its similarity to E. ignita, what led us to use 'bazinga.'"

"The idea was to honor actor Jim Parsons and his brilliant interpretation of Sheldon Cooper,"

Steven Molaro, one of "The Big Bang Theory's" executive producers, told CBS, "We are always extremely flattered when the science community embraces our show. Sheldon would be honored to know that Euglossa bazinga was inspired by him. In fact, after 'Mothra' and griffins, bees are his third-favorite flying creatures."