Blizzard of 1978 35 years ago

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Blizzard of 1978 35 years ago, Yes, Los Angeles is experiencing a bit of a cold snap and "weather" and snow is falling at Big Bear as the copkiller manhunt continues, First Blood-style, but I write for you via the magic of the Internet, while based in interior New England, Western Massachusetts to be exact, in the Berkshires to be ven more exact.

The entire region has been pummelled with unbelievable over-reporting of this being the biggest storm in terms of snowfall, in all weather records for the are. This kind of media hype is bound to fall in its face and that's how it's playing out so

I'll be posting updates until this is "over" as determined by the Weather Channeland other media.

As of 4:30pm Eastern, a 1/2 hour after Governor Deval Patrick banned all vehiclesfrom all Massachusetts roadways, there were plenty of cars driving around Pittsfield because the directive was absurd for an eare with a mere 1/4" ofsnowfall. Vine video

Since temperatures were set to drop, my son and I brought 3 wheelbarrows of wood into the house. Despite the lack of snow, it was time to get cozy with a fire, we moved all that wood, didn't we?Went out at 9pm ET to sweep off the steps. 2.5" of snowfall, windy. Friends 50 miles to the East report just under 6" of snow.Friends just south of Hartford, CT are reporting 18"-21" of snow and 30 MPH winds and gusts of 40. Friends in Boston reporting thundersnow and are getting power flickering. Windy here in Pittsfield, plows are coming through regularly, no power issues, with about 3.5 inches of snow.

At this point, 8 hours in, the storm has obviously had much more of an affect oncoastal Connecticut and Massachusetts to about 50 miles inland. Bridgeport, CT on up to Boston have had significant snowfall and high winds but the storm is spinning in a counterclockwise direction which could lead to heavier snow in the inland territories. I'll check in tomorrow morning with an update.