Kanye West Straitjacket

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Kanye West Straitjacket, Kanye West Straitjacket, Kanye West’s apparent resolution for 2013? Pep up his live show with even crazier stage garb than he chose in 2012. The rapper has one-upped even his infamous leather kilt and crystal mask from last year’s gigs with a supremely weird getup in Abu Dhabi Thursday night.
Yep, that’s a straitjacket he’s wearing. We’re not quite sure what the headgear is all about, but it certainly looks scary. West donned the outfit for his performance of “Heartless,” removing the hoodlike garment at the end of the song. He gave no explanation for the odd getup......music.yahoo.

However, West may be attempting to make a little point with the straitjacket. At the end of December, the Grammy-winning artist treated an Atlantic City audience to a rant in which he declared that he was not crazy, despite what the media may make him out to be.

At that same show, he announced his plans to boycott this year’s Grammy Awards. West is one of the top nominees at the Grammys, which will take place February 10. He received six nods total, including two of his songs in the Best Rap Performance and Best Rap Song categories.