Baby dies at Spanish airport

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Baby dies at Spanish airport-A five-month old baby died at a Spanish airport after becoming trapped on a luggage conveyor belt late Wednesday, airport officials said.

The baby’s mother, an American woman, was travelling with the baby and another small child from Gatwick airport near London to the Spanish resort town of Alicante, the officials told Reuters.

The family was to be picked up by the baby’s father at Alicante-Elche airport, in southeast Spain, that night.

The circumstances leading to the death were not confirmed by officials, but an airport security worker said in a televised statement to Atlas news agency that the incident happened after the baby’s mother put the baby down on a carousel for oversized luggage.

"The mother apparently put him down on the conveyor belt when she went to reach for something," the worker told Atlas news agency.

The Spanish Guardia Civil is investigating the incident.