Britney Spears Las Vegas 15 million-Britney Spears will earn over $300,000 per show at her upcoming Las Vegas residency.

The pop star signed on to play at Planet Hollywood Resort for two years in Las Vegas. TMZ reports the contract is for 48 shows a year with a payout of $310,000 per show - approximately $14.8 million.

Even with the huge contract, the venue expects to make plenty of cash anyway: A sold out arena would mean about $500,000 for Planet Hollywood.

Spears was reportedly getting offered from several locations in Vegas after she left The X Factor, leading to a bidding war that ended with Planet Hollywood at the top.

Spears has hinted at her upcoming concert series in her album art and on social media. She wore a glitzy outfit for the cover of her new single "Work B**ch!" and showed off her toned body on Twitter while working on the set of the single's music video. She said of the concerts, "The performances won't be simple. They'll be a massive party from start to finish. And to pull this off, I have to be in top condition and running at full speed."

So how does Britney's contract stack up with the current queen of Vegas, Celine Dion? Dion does a staggered 70 shows a year and rakes in $475,000 per concert.