Can 3D Printers Fix Organ Donor Problem---What if instead of using 3D printing inkwe could have used live cells and tissues? Believe it or not, 3d printing technology already research and develop “Bio Ink” to 3D print human organs.

One of the world’s biggest crises today is the shortage of organs, we live longer, the number of people in need for organ donation has doubled in the past 10 years while in the same time, theamount of people who actually get organ transplant remains the same. Solving the live organ donor problem by using 3d printing technology seems like the best solution.

In Wake Forest institute regenerative medicine, Anthony Atala leads a research which using 3dprinting technology & desktop ink jet printer, using cells instead of ink.

The 3d printer structures each layer and layer until a full organ created. Same procedure can produce bones and then implement them into the patient body. The 3d printing technology and academic research in the health sector and in the human organs field constantly grows and reaches amazing results.

The latest breakthrough in this field is even more shocking!

Researches are now testing new 3d printing technology that will allow doctors to transplant 3d printed organ directly into the patient body in real time.