Julie chen speaks out plastic surgery-Julie Chen: Before and After Plastic Surgery
Julie Chen before (left) and after (right) plastic surgery

Julie Chen‘s looks have morphed throughout Big Brother’s 14 seasons, and over the years she’s gone from being frumpy to being fabulously bot-ish. And I do mean fabulously. She looks amazing, perfect, porcelain, flawless in person, it’s true – but she’s had some help. And she has a damn good doctor.
Julie Chen Plastic Surgery Chenbot
Most Big Brother fans have seen this pic floating around on the net. It shows Julie Chen, four years before hosting Big Brother, compared with Julie four years afterBig Brother began. Quite a difference. I’m no plastic surgeon, so I can’t point out what exactly it is she’s had done, but she’s definitely had rhinoplasty. It can be said that both Julie’s makeup artist and hair stylist can take credit for the transformation as well.

This is why we love Julie Chen. She doesn’t take herself too seriously.

Julie and the other ladies of CBS’ The Talk did an episode au naturel, no makeupwhatsoever, to show how they really look underneath it all. I was/am impressed, because for most of us it would not be an easy thing to do in front of a national audience, and to those of you who have all that natural beauty, you bitch. I mean that in the kindest way of course.

Another thing we love about Julie Chen? She embraces her bot-ness, and very once in awhile, if you’re lucky, she’ll bust out a Chenbot move. I wonder if anyone will ever do the Chenbot back AT Julie? I want to see a Chenbot bot-off!

The bot-ness with the hotness, indeed.