Looking for Bigfoot follow the map-Science stories that make you go huh?

Molasses is usually associated with cookies and baked beans, but now it's being blamed for a massive fish kill in Honolulu Harbor. That's where hundreds of thousands of gallons of molasses was accidentally spilled last week. Just like oil the sugary sludge clogs fish gills and creates bacterial blooms that use up all the oxygen which suffocates the coral and crustaceans. According to the Hawaii Department of Health eventually bacteria will break down the molasses and the tides will carry it away.

Next up is the ultimate downsizing. Alaska's Mount McKinley also known as Denali has officially been shortened by 83 feet. Until recently the peak was reportedly 20,320 feet above sea level, but the U.S. Geological Survey says new radar data measures McKinley at 20,237 feet. No worries it's still the highest peak in the US and north America, plus now you can save 83 steps hiking it.

And finally, for all of you Sasquatch, Skookum, Skunk Ape, Yeti and Bigfoot fans your odds of catching the giant ape-like creature may increase with this map of all 3,313 alleged sightings. A doctoral candidate at Penn State created the map to pinpoint likely Bigfoot habitats. Several sightings were here in Chicago. And it appears what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas because there are no reports anywhere near there.