Mystery Princess Diana tapes offer advice to Kate--TAPES reportedly made by Princess Diana for William just months before her death reportedly urged him and his future wife to cherish their children and warned marriage in the public eye was hard.

US magazine The Globe claims the tapes were made by Diana for her son because she feared for her life, a close friend said.

Lana Marks, who designed handbags for Princess Diana, had the content read to her and said it sounded similar to what the pair had discussed about her future hopes for William.

“I knew Diana very well during the last 18 months of her life. Diana discussed with me in great detail what she wanted for William in terms of a wife, children — what she wanted for his future,” the Daily Mail reported.

“When I hear the contents of the tape, they echo what she discussed with me in great detail. It is uncanny.”

The Princess also reportedly advised her future daughter-in-law that public life was tough and it was vital she worked on her marriage to survive the pressure.

According to The Globe, Diana thought her son’s future bride would be beautiful, smart and independent.

Ms Marks said Diana even predicted her oldest son would marry someone with dark hair.

Kensington Palace has so far declined to comment on the existence of the tapes.