Skywalker Ranch Fire

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Skywalker Ranch Fire--A three-alarm fire reported at director George Lucas' Skywalker Ranch caused only minor damage, but officials are still trying to determine the cause.

The fire was contained in an area of a three-story office building, fire officials said in an interview with The Times.

Multiple Marin County agencies responded to the fire, which was reported as a three-alarm, said Chief Mike Giannini of the Marin County Fire Department. There was little damage to the building and the fire did not spread, Giannini said.

“It actually sounded much worse than it really was,” he said.

A Lucasfilm spokeswoman told the Associated Press it caused little to no damage.

The fire was reported at 5:34 p.m. Tuesday at the more than 5,000-acre ranch on Lucas Valley Road.

The fire is believed to have begun as a chimney fire in the main house on the property.