Stephen Damiani sells space flights for sick son-The Daminani family from Victoria County, Australia, has received a golden opportunity to fly into space on one of the world’s first commercial sub-orbital flights in 2014. Instead they are raffling 250 tickets so other people can enjoy the view from space instead. The proceeds go to the Mission Massimo Foundation.

The Foundation was named after his five year old son, Massimo who has a rare disease called leukodystrophy.

This is a debilitating condition that affects the myelin in the brain and spinal cord. Massimo was diagnosed four years ago at the age of 1. While there is no cure currently, the Damiani family is aiding in the research for a cure.

This fundraiser will give 1 person the dream to go into space. For most this is a dream they have been searching for their whole life.

The proceeds will help pay for the ticket and also help fund research to find a cure for Massimo’s disease. They are also helping to raise funds at the Melbourne Marathon.
The space ticket was a whopping $US100,000 so Mr Damiani will have to sell at least 100 tickets to make even, but Mr Damiani said he was aiming for the stars.

“The fundraiser will help researchers make today’s medical science fiction tomorrow’s science fact,” he said.

Through the Mission for Massimo foundation people are educated about Massimo’s disease and urged to help contribute to raising awareness and research for stem and gene cell therapies.

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