Young girls suffer second degree burns from fruit-Young girls suffer second degree burns from fruit - Mother Stephanie Ellwanger had to rush her daughters, Jewels, 12, and Jazmyn, 9, and their three friends Reyghan, Candy and Bailey, after an afternoon in the pool from second degree burns. What initially appeared as a minorsunburn, quickly escalated into softball sized blisters.
Young girls suffer second degree burns from fruit

The burns were so bad that the girls wound up spending several days in an intensive care unit, hooked up to morphine to manage the pain. Upon release, two weeks later, the doctors gave orders for the girls to stay out of the sun for six months at least.

But they couldn’t figure out what caused the second degree burns. Initially the doctors thought that they were chemical burns. In the end it was Stephanie Ellwanger who figured it out. The girls had been playing with limes in the backyard first. She turned to the internet and found out that it was caused by phytophotodermatitis, a “chemical reaction [to the lime juice] that makes bare skin hypersensitive to ultraviolet light.”