Fired walmart worker

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Fired walmart worker--Fired Walmart worker Kristopher Oswald said he tried to come to the aid of a woman he saw being attacked. Walmart said the worker violated the company’s safety policy, but the incident underscores the gray areas in such matters.

Retail giant Walmart has done an about-face after getting flak for its handling of an employee who tried to be a good Samaritan.It all started in the early hours of Sunday morning. According to the Associated Press, Kristopher Oswald, a Walmart worker in Hartland, Mich., was taking a break in his car when he said he saw a man grabbing a woman.

The nighttime temporary seasonal worker said he asked her if she needed help and then intervened before Livingston County sheriff’s deputies could arrive. He said that he sustained punches from the man and that two other men jumped him as well.

“This was just intimidation, aggression, and bullying that I saw from a male belligerent suspect on a defenseless woman,” Mr. Oswald told WXYZ-TV in Detroit.