George Clooney date Sandra Bullock--Now that George Clooney is sans clingy girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis, his friends are said to be trying to get him together with Sandra Bullock. Wait, what?

Now that George and Sandra are filming their new movie, Gravity, together, pals are pushing him to start dating her. A source said, “Before, when one of them was single, the other was in a relationship. But now they’re both available and all their friends are rooting for a relationship to work out.”

George has a type, for sure. He likes cocktail waitresses who are much younger than he is, with no children, baggage or fame. He treats them to the ritzy life for a year or two, then dumps them off when they start talking commitment.

The source went on to reveal, “Plus George has slipped effortlessly into a kind of role model as a stand-in dad to Sandy’s adopted son Louis.”

Another source said, “George’s friend say he’s been chasing women all over the world and maybe he never realized that his dream girl might be right under his nose. What George likes about Sandy is that she’s like a smoking hot girl version of him with a fun personality.”

This is not going to play out like a romance novel, people.