i-10 crashes

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i-10 crashes--I-10 crashes often leave devastation in their week, and a deadly crash this week in Arizona caused by a violent dust storm led to three drivers dead and several other hurt in the chain-reaction accident. The Inquistir reports this Tuesday, Oct. 29, that the collisions were likely caused by low visibility from the dust storm passing through.

Although I-10 crashes often involve a few vehicles, the Arizona Dept. of Public Safety confirmed that up to nine commercial vehicles were part of the chain-reaction accident this Tuesday afternoon, while almost a half dozen more passenger cars were also struck just south of Casa Grande. One of the cars was said to be pinned directly between two overturned 18-wheelers.

One police officer noted in his report, “At this time, we do know that there are three motorists confirmed dead. We’re looking at over a dozen injuries and at least 19 vehicles involved in the crash.”

Details are still coming in on this tragic chain-reaction accident, but from photos that have emerged on local news stations, it appears that numerous cars had collided into one another on the highway, with a majority of the big rigs having been pulled to the side of the road on I-10.
According to state department officials, one of the three individuals killed in the crash is George Lee Smith, age 77. His wife is also counted among the injured individuals, though the extent to which she is hurt remains unknown. Other motorists have been rushed to local hospitals in both Phoenix and Tucson for immediate care.

Early reports following the dust storm state that 10 commercial vehicles, a tanker, and seven passenger cars were so far involved in the I-10 crash.

As of late Tuesday evening, 10 mile back-ups have been reported at the I-10 crashes scene, so heavy delays are expected well into Wednesday.