Memorable rooms for children

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Memorable rooms for children
Often, after a visit to amusement parks kids fall asleep with thoughts of Mickey Mouse or minions. But if you choose the right hotel room, the kids wake up and be able to see their favorite cartoon characters. Many hotels, especially in the theme parks, offer rooms that will make your kids dive into the wonderful world of fantasy.

Unbelievable but true: some seemingly children's rooms, such as a room in the style of «Hello Kitty» in Hi-Lai Plaza Hotel, Taiwan - are not just for kids. Some hotels offer rooms in which case the image multgeroya in the area for children are balanced more comfortable interior area for adults. We offer you a selection of 7 memorable children's rooms.
Where, if not in Vegas, you can wake up in the house Barbie? This room is 690 square meters in the «Palms», stylized house for Barbie, all in pink and everywhere portraits of famous doll. In room 3 bed. Confirmation of the fact that some are already out of childhood-room price, which starts at $ 3,000 per night during the week, $ 4,000 a weekend.
The room "Mignon" at Universal Orlando Resort walls decorated with images of little yellow men from the animated film "Despicable Me." The suites have a large room for the parents, coupled with the children's room "secret" door. Kids beds are in the form of rockets - similar to those in which orphans were sleeping in the cartoon - but unlike Margo, Edith and Agnes, your children will have their own TV. Room price: from $ 575 per night.
The most memorable room at the Anaheim, California is a penthouse, where you can see a picture of Mickey Mouse everywhere, on the walls, on the bed linen, on the carpet. Like any penthouse, this room features a chic stylish interior: as an adult in the room, and the room for the children. If you have a smaller number of finance, you can stay in a room styled as "Pirates of the Caribbean" or safari park. Little girls might prefer a fabulous suite with a giant mosaic of Sleeping Beauty in the bath and bed with a canopy. Price: $ 660 per night in a regular room, penthouse "Mickey Mouse"-from $ 2,822 per night.
King rooms at Disney World resort will make you feel like you are in a fairy tale. The rooms are done in the style of "Aladdin," "Beauty and the Beast," "Princess and the Frog." Prices are moderate: from $ 221 per night.
One of the hotels Ny York dedicated to Eloise, the eponymous heroine of the book series. In one of the hotels in New York City is a portrait of the well-known character, and at the bottom is "Eloise shop." On the floor is a 18m room with pink walls, hung with illustrations by Hilary Knight (the artist to books about Eloise). When booking you receive a gift card for $ 100 in store Heloise.Room price: from $ 1,295 per night.
In the super popular Nickelodeon Family Suites in 2 and 3-bedroom accommodation is a children's room with 2 beds, LCD TVs and wallpaper with huge images of SpongeBob and Dora. A NOTE TO PARENTS: Interior of a bedroom for the adults hardly resembles the cartoon .. Cost: from $ 124 per night
Each room at the Legoland amusement park of the same name, located in California, made in one of the corporate identity, "kingdom", "pirates" or "adventure." In children, a nook with a bunk bed and a TV, as well as design elements in the style of LEGO. Do not want to wake up, before seeing a grimace of LEGO pirate? Then you fit a standard room, where only desokm corner of the wall is painted with the characters. Price: from $ 189 per night.