Oxford University study robots taking our jobs--It could only take two decades before almost half of jobs in the US are taken over by robots, a new study has found.

An Oxford University study looked at 702 different jobs and estimated the probability they could be computerised, wages and how easy it would be to overcome engineering problems, among other factors.

The study found 47 percent of total US employment is in the "high risk" category - jobs which could be automated within the next 20 years.

Those working in transportation and logistics, office and administrative support workers and labour in the production industry were seen as the most at risk of being replaced by robots.

But there was one sector which surprised researchers.

"More surprisingly, we find that a substantial share of employment in service occupations, where most US job growth has occurred over the past decades are highly susceptible to computerisation."

Part of this is seen in the growth in the service robot market and the reduction in the comparative advantage of humans doing tasks involving mobility and dexterity, researchers say.

The study suggests that those in "susceptible" occupations will need to be relocated to jobs which robots aren't so good at - those requiring creative and social intelligence.

"For workers to win the race, however, they will have to acquire creative and social skills."