Shia LaBeouf attacked

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Shia LaBeouf attacked--Yesterday we learned that Shia LaBeouf had been handcuffed after a bar fight (see: Shia LaBeouf Bar Fight at Mad Bulls Tavern; Career-threatening, or No?). Now details have emerged and, reportedly, LaBeouf attacked a fan after the fan used a gay slur in reference to the actor.

It was reported yesterday that Shia LaBeouf had been handcuffed in Sherman Oaks, California after getting into a fight at Mad Bulls Tavern. Details were sparse, so it was impossible to know if LaBeouf had instigated the fight or merely defended himself. [Source: "Shia LaBeouf Cuffed After Bar Fight," TMZ, 2/5/11, downloaded from:].

A college student named Mark Mastro tells that he is the man who was attacked by Shia LaBeouf Friday night. Mastro says he approached LaBeouf in the bar for an autograph and photo, but the star declined. Later, outside of the bar, a friend of Mastro's said "what's up?" to LaBeouf, and the star responded with abusive language. Mastro loudly told his friend that LaBeouf was just a "f****ing f***t anyway," a gay slur, which resulted in more cursing from the actor. Initially LaBeouf climbed into his truck; then he turned and ran toward Mastro, attacking the college student before being restrained by a bouncer. [Source: WORLD EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Shia LeBeouf In Police Custody & Fan Who Hit Him Tells What Really Happened,, 2/6/11, downloaded from:].
Yesterday I wrote a piece about the initial news of Shia LaBeouf's bar fight, and several commenters defended LaBeouf by arguing that he was probably just defending himself (amusingly, one commenter suggested that he might have been defending a woman's honor). Well, sorry folks, but LaBeouf seems to have been the troublemaker in this case. Granted, he was probably drunk, but I can think of at least three reasons why his actions were very poorly calculated in this instance:

First, Shia LaBeouf repeatedly refused to sign autographs or take a photo with a fan. I understand that signing autographs can be tedious for celebrities, but that is simply the price of fame. Young actors dream of being famous and recognized everywhere they go; well, this is what it's like, and I don't have much respect for an actor who rebuffs the very people who make his extravagant lifestyle possible.

Second, Shia LaBeouf physically attacked another human. If you asked most Hollywood actors, LaBeouf included, I bet they would tell you they are anti-war, anti-violence, pro-human-understanding, and all of that feel good philosophy. But now we know that LaBeouf is not anti-violence. He has no problem physically confronting a fan.

Third, even if Shia LaBeouf had walked away from the fight, it appears that he was intoxicated and about to get into his truck and drive away. In other words, if the police had not stopped him, his next step would have been drunk driving. And it wouldn't be the first time. LaBeouf was arrested in 2008 for drunk driving after he collided with another vehicle. [Source: "Shia LaBeouf arrested for drunk driving," Associated Press,, 7/27/2008, downloaded from:]

I completely stand by my earlier piece about Shia LaBeouf. This bar fight incident was reckless and stupid. Of course LaBeouf's rabid online fans will come up with theories to explain why he is still a great guy. But this incident is just the sort of thing that can ruin LaBeouf's good-guy image in Hollywood, and that could be very detrimental to his career.