Workers woman basement Indianapolis

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Workers woman basement Indianapolis--Workers who found an 83-year-old woman in a basement in Indianapolis Monday were in the right place at the right time. Construction workers discovered the elderly woman tied up and bound to a chair after. Reportedly, alleged robbers left her there for two days before she was found by contractors, according to an October 28 New York Daily News report.

Police say a construction crew found the woman tied up in the basement after hearing strange noises from her basement. Workers were hired to change siding on the senior's home and saw a door open to her home Monday.

They continued on with their work, but were attracted to what sounded like screams coming from below the home. Moments later, the workers found the woman in the basement of her Indianapolis home, apparently a victim of robbery.

Authorities were called and the woman said she had been robbed. However, she did not get a good look at the suspects.

Police say the woman was tied up in the basement for at least two days before workers found her. And except for mild dehydration, there are no report of injuries.

Local authorities praised the quick-thinking of the construction workers who found the woman in the Indianapolis basement. Had they not, the outcome, as NYDN reported, could have been dire.