Half-ton killer transformed

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Half-ton killer transformed--Last week, TLC told us it would present a special about Florida nudists shopping for real estate.

This week, TLC has announced another title sure to get people talking."Half-Ton Killer: Transformed" will be a follow-up to "Half-Ton Killer?"

In a press release, TLC put the story succinctly: "The heaviest woman alive is acquitted of murder and beings an extreme weight loss journey."

The woman in question is Texan Mayra Rosales, who was acquitted of her nephew's murder. She once weighed more than 1,000 pounds, but is close to 200 these days.

The special will premiere at 9 p.m. Dec. 4.

That weigh-loss journey for Mayra, 32, has included extensive rehabilitation, numerous surgeries and physical therapy.

She had confessed to accidentally killing her 2-year-old nephew by saying she rolled atop him. Authorities later said that wasn't possible.

Rosales' sister was later convicted in her son's death and is serving a 15-year sentence.