Justin Jedlica human Ken doll 128 plastic surgeries--Justin Jedlica looks like Ken, Barbie doll’s plastic boyfriend, and he’s perfectly ok with you thinking that he looks incredibly fake and effeminate because, he says in a new interview, it’s his own ideal of perfection that he’s trying to attain, not anyone else’s.
Jedlica has had a record 128 plastic surgeries so far and, he tells HuffPost Live, he’s not even close to being done yet. He first started thinking of transforming himself through plastic surgery when he was 13 or 14 years old but, naturally, his parents wouldn’t sign off on it.

“I was always trying to Photoshop things [in photos] and change them because I didn't really want to say that that was what I looked like. The thought of fixing [my nose] was something that I really probably had in my brain since the time I was 13 or 14 years old,” he explains in the new interview.

When his parents refused to pay for his first surgery, he started saving up. Unlike other kids his age, he wouldn’t buy clothes or cars or car gear, because he knew a new nose was more important than anything else. Jedlica describes himself as “very frugal” and, at the same time, determined to do whatever he could to get something he wanted.

Today, 128 interventions later, Jedlica works as a plastic surgery consultant, i.e. the man you see before you go under the knife, who can talk you through everything and, even better, show you how the intervention will change parts of your body.

He tells HuffPost Live that he sees his extensive surgical work as a form of art because it allows him “to create.”
“So although my first nose job wasn't a failure, it was like, I really wanted to see a couple more tweaks. I really liked something over stylized – cartoonish, I guess. And that was also difficult to get doctors on the same page as me, being a young male looking for something that was very feminine and over-stylized. But that's something I wanted and to this day I still enjoy that look,” he explains.

Jedlica also has implants in the chest and arms for that muscular look, and on his entire face, including cheek implants and fillers in the lips.