mariah Carey american dad

Mariah Carey american dad-- Singer and former American Idol judge Mariah Carey will appear in an episode of USanimated comedy, American Dad. In the special episode which is due to air in the US on Thanksgiving (Thursday November 28), Carey will play Laura, a cheerleader and football fan who meets Stan at a Cowboys game. She then invites him to join her party with hilarious consequences, or so we’re told. The show’s executive producer, Matt Weitzman told “Mariah was great to have in the studio. “She’d never done voiceover work before, but she was clearly so comfortable in front of the mike. She’s naturally funny.” Carey plays the role of Laura, a Southern football fan who meets the show’s protagonist Stan at a Cowboys game. Laura then invites Stan to join her tailgating party where hilarity ensues. The American Dad episode will air on FOX on November 24.