Ohio couple abandons violent adopted son--An Ohio couple who gave back their adopted son after nine years is being told by way of child abandonment charges that children don't come with warranties.

The Associated Press reported Lisa and Cleveland Cox from Liberty Township are accused of dropping their son off at child services last month after raising him for nine years. A lawyer representing the child said the parents returned him because of aggression problems, according toAP.

Authorities were trying to reach the parents yesterday, but they appear to have taken their two other kids and left home.

The prosecutor who laid the charges told the Associated Press he would also pursue charges in similar cases of child abandonment. He said the 9-year-old boy is upset and confused about why his parents left him.

In 2010, a Tennessee woman sent her adopted Russian son, a 7-year-old, back to Moscow, saying he was violent and misbehaved. She was not criminally charged, according to the Associated Press, but she must pay the boy $150,000 in child support.

In September, Reuters investigated cases of American parents abandoning their adopted childrenusing online networks where they would find new parents and drop off their kids without any legal involvement.