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Richie Incognito Staff Member--Some NFL observers claimed Miami Dolphins guard Richie Incognito’s alleged treatment of teammate Jonathan Martin was simply part of the loose locker room culture. It is a world outsiders do not understand, and a macho environment where only the strong survive.

If the latest accusation against Incognito is true, it is hard to imagine his NFL career in Miami will last after this season.

Incognito has been accused of mocking the ethnic background of a Dolphins staff member and making crude jokes about that employee’s wife, according to Jason Cole of the National Football Post. Cole claims Incognito would occasionally dress in clothing from the staff member’s culture and make profane jokes about that culture. At least one other player joined in on Incognito’s antics, according to Cole.

In addition, Cole says Incognito claimed that the staff member’s wife had sexual relationships with several members of the team. The alleged victim is not quoted or identified in Cole’s story, and it is unclear if that person still works for the team.

While the latest allegation lacks details, it could serve as more ammunition for Martin’s lawyers.

Dolphins staff members and players are meeting with Ted Wells, the NFL’s independent investigator, this week. He arrived at the team’s facility on Monday to begin questioning people about the Dolphins’ locker room and Incognito’s situation.

Despite the investigation, Incognito is trying to be reinstated through a grievance hearing scheduled for Thursday. Incognito alleges the Dolphins have not provided specific examples of the detrimental conduct cited when he was suspended indefinitely on Nov. 3, and as a result, his suspension cannot exceed the maximum of four weeks, plus one additional game check, under the collective bargaining agreement.

This situation is definitely not going away anytime soon, but once it finally ends, Incognito’s reputation may never be the same again, regardless of the outcome.