Sexiest Women in the country in 2013
Finally published the final results of the irrevocable and sexual rating of the country, which conducts annual magazine «MAXIM». Enjoy, do not consent. And long live the beauty of women! 20. Victoria Bonia "Flying Dutchman" chart. She swooped down suddenly and then takes on board the ship are the top 3, then vanish in the haze second fifty. Vick almost never leaves Monaco, but made ​​an exception for the show "Vacation in Mexico" and "tower", and this reminded myself.

19. Marina Aleksandrova Actress this year was marked not only by the fact that is the last and the only participant ranking named Marina. And roles were: a comedy sequel "All Inclusive" and sensational series "Women on the Verge" and shooting at a large master Bortko. Legitimate growth.

18. Katie Topuriya vocalist of "A-Studio". Once even managing to fly out of our ranking, lead singer of A'Studio not only back, but also the second consecutive year in the Top Twenty. And she got married and took a new video for the song "Daddy, Mommy."There nepotism orientation. Until whether ratings here?
17. Anna Sedokova ex-soloist of the "gold of" group "VIA Gra". Cinema, again slowly becoming the most important art, almost trampled glade, where flowers grew earlier seksapila. Soloist unchained groups give way to actresses, and even the Queen of "VIA Gra" wear black. Anna divorced, released two videos. And what happened? Where the former glory? Where crowds of men kissed her feet? Army fans rife except in "Instagrame" where Anya does not get out.
16. Victoria Dayneko winner of "American Idol 5". In his video for the song "Breathe" Vick looked, alas, not so hot as a geothermal source, around which danced. But the jury obviously like it, regardless of accomplishments. Well, sometimes getting into the top 20 missing and intimate songs.
15. Sasha Savelyev Singer "Factory". Former "fabrikantki" this year competing with "viagrushkami" if not qualitatively, then quantitatively and those and others in the top twenty two. And unlike Vera Brezhnev, which is already more than an actress Sasha while singing (and live!) "Live sound."

14. Lisa Boyars In addition to the new version of the series "Sherlock Holmes" (yes, the TV people encroached on the sacred!) to queue Lisa a few tapes: "Long way home", "Bounty Hunters." However, it shows a strong result, not even appearing on the screen.
13. Agnes Ditkovskite Surprisingly, in seven years of the rating, we never included Agniyu hundred. Pause, which she herself took after the "Heat" was worth it. Princess screen rather triumphantly returned two movie serials couple, three upcoming premieres, including "Wii 3D». Rushed into the room!
12. Natalia Vodianova Goddess world podiums. During the years of her career as journalists not only excelled in the comparisons: "our response Bundchen", "Russian Schiffer." But we just say, pleased that at least some foreigners at the word "Russia" does not represent our drunk in Turkey, but her Natalia.
11. Darya Klishina Russian long jumper. This year, blond athlete not only took gold at the European Championships in Gothenburg, but almost entered the top ten. In our rating medals, alas, not handed, but certainly on the bouquet in human growth Dasha may count if somehow glance on our cover.
10. Irena Ponaroshku As they say, fdisyatke! Our columnist constant this year has left the status of VJ MTV: April 1 it seriously there quit - two months before the collapse of the entire channel. What's this? Feline flair? Women's intuition? MAXIM or desire to give all of myself completely? We only!
9. Sati Casanova Singer "Factory". Sati continues to perform with his jazz band «SATI Acoustic Band», thus recorded a single, co-starred in the movie "The feeling of lightness" and took part in the project of the First channel "One to one". Each - Labor!
8. Svetlana Hodchenkova Home Russian queen of Hollywood. Mutant movie "Wolverine: The Immortal" you surely saw. And if suddenly the whole movie you had a feeling "somewhere I saw this woman in the green", know and be proud of: Light vengeance to conquer Hollywood. Hey, the jury! For that alone should have been given a place in the top five!
7. Oksana Akinshina You could see her in the film "Vysotsky. Thank you for living. " Earlier this year, Oksana gave birth to a second son already, so in that sense, the men of the country is no hope (if they are suddenly more). After excellent roles in "Vysotsky" big roles Oksana was not, but this is a case where the old achievements in the field of seksapila not forgotten.
6. Anna Chipovskaya actress, the second year has not ceased to be young, tender and promising light short steps to the podium chosen leaders. After the "Spy" and "trees-2" high-profile roles she almost was not. But when you consider the tradition to squeeze any idea dryness is coming soon third "Holy" ...
5. Julia Snigir most beautiful part of the movie "Die Hard: A good day to die." Julia, almost deprived the title Vera Brezhnev last year, took three steps back - hopefully for overclocking! It's one of her erotic appearance of overalls in the fifth "Die Hard" is worth a career actress. The rest of the movie disappoint, but it's not the fault of Julia.
4. Maria Gorban beautiful actress and talented girl. Well, who then say that the appearance on the cover of MAXIM (literally the day before, in November 2013th) is not nice for centuries? Take care of your eyes! Actress, movies and TV shows, done a magnificent rise, posing in fourth place in the same hairstyle!
3. Ravshana Kurkova Burning, but modest actress. In February Ravshana starred in the controversial director in nobody liked the comedy "What's going on man!" As impregnable Impatiens. It is believed that Ravshana just could not resist the temptation to play herself, because she lives in his own words, also girl strict morals. If so, to very, very never bestow the appearance of their admirers in some (cough, cough) men's magazine? Time will tell! Third place - for pungency, multiplied by the modesty!
2. Vera Brezhnev Twice "sexiest woman of the country." Current champion and twice "sexiest woman of the country" gallantly passed forward ... no, do not tell anyone. Be patient and do not scroll the page. Especially that Vera deserves to hold her look!White gold "VIA Gra", decoration best Russian comedies. But for one color of her hair all the princess in "Game of Thrones" to loggerheads with each other!
1. Irina Shayk One of the most special varieties of Russian models. And finally - the fanfare! Our compatriot, Chelyabinsk model conquers one world summit after another! She visited face Armani and Cavalli, sings about her Kanye West. Not that we put ourselves on a par with Hollywood (Irina withdrawn from cult director Ratner) or the world famous brand Agent Provocateur (see their short film advertising - it's sexier thousands of Sighs) . No, of course. Become the sexiest woman in the country according to MAXIM - steeper than other achievements! May be true models like say about them - it's some kind of especially beautiful women?