Carly Findlay fights internet wins

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Carly Findlay fights internet wins--She has a rare skin condition that affects a minuscule percentage of the population, but instead of being victimised after copping ridicule of Reddit, Carly Findlay “fought back with awesome” and was rewarded with a huge outpouring of support.
Carly, who suffers from a rare skin condition Ichthyosis in two forms, a mix of Netherton syndrome and Erythroderma, discovered she was the subject of a Reddit thread after her blog stats spiked.

The user, who Google image searched “champagne fridge” stumbled upon the picture of the Melbourne-based writer holding a glass of sparkling wine.

“I thought WTF,” the user posted, along with the image.

It didn’t take long for the thread to be flooded with ridicule.

"WTF is that? Looks like something that was partially digested by my dog."


"She looks like a glazed donut."

Unbeknown to some posters who claimed that thought Carly “had just sat out in the sun too long”, Carly’s condition causes skin to shed at an advanced rate, leaving the skin raw and pink. The condition affects 10-20 people per million.

The posters were also oblivious that they had made Carly’s worst nightmare become a reality by starting the thread. But instead of being victimised, Carly decided to fight back.

“I knew the day would come that someone would create a Reddit thread about me, using my photo, having a laugh at my appearance,” she commented.

Carly's heartfelt comment caused a wave of commenters to come to her defense Photo: reddit

“For years, that fear was why I didn't share photos of me online. But now, after gaining confidence and support through years of blogging, I couldn't care whether they call me a lobster or silly putty.

“The love I have around me and success I have had through telling my own story to break down stigma like these Reddit threads is stronger than any of those words.

"Yes I have Ichthyosis. Yes that picture is me. Don't fear it and don't criticise it. I am proud of the way I look, what I have achieved and for telling my story.

"To everyone who has shown such kindness here - Thank You! The level of kindness shown in these situations is always greater than the level of hate. The awful comments within this thread are far worse than the original post.”

The original user quickly apologised, pointing out he’d given her plenty of promotion for her blog in the process.

"I'm reading all this and I apologise!

"I was looking for "champagne fridge" on Google Images. When I saw your picture, I thought "WTF!" and further: "allergic reaction", also your hair looks a bit on fire so I put it here.

"Hopefully you see it as a good promotion for your blog and chapeau [hats off] to you for being awesome!"

The supporters soon flooded in.

“You are a very cool chick.”

“Sucks that your picture was used as a "sacrificial lamb" at the expense of trying to make people laugh but very bold of you to just jump out and claim it. Major thumbs up."

"Thank you for providing information about your condition as well. Either way, way to be proud!”

“You just gained every ounce of my respect.”

She later blogged about the experience, saying she was going to “Write a rant…. But it’s better to be nice in situations like these.”

“I felt a bit sick,” she admitted in her post. “So many people dissecting my photo on the Internet. But then I remembered.
“When this picture was posted overnight, I was content lying in the arms of my love, having just seen a band and eaten a great meal - a night filled with laughs, and these posters were making fun of a stranger on the Internet.
“Thank you to everyone who went in to bat for me. Thank you. One of my worst fears happened and I smashed it! Fighting back with awesome wins every time.”
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