bird skull in spinach

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bird skull in spinach--No! No, no, no! This is NO GOOD. Stop it. WTVT Fox 13 News is reporting on a Sarasota, Florida woman who claims she found a bird’s skull inside her package of frozen chopped spinach. And it’s not the kind of thing that maybe looks sort of like a bird skull. It’s the kind of thing that absolutely can’t be confused for anything other than a bird’s skull.

See? Blech. Madeline Brogan told WTVT that she was making appetizers for a New Year’s Eve party when she discovered the bird’s noggin. She had microwaved the bag and drained it. When Brogan noticed a big chunk, she figured it was just some leftover greens that hadn’t properly defrosted, so she put it aside and didn’t think twice. It wasn’t until the next day that Madeline realized what it really was.She told the station, “"I picked it up and started pulling the spinach off it and realized there were two eyeholes, and it was a little skull. I ate that eye, or someone did." Barf.

Brogan says she’s not angry over the matter. On their part, Publix told WTVT, “We did receive communication from the customer through our customer care department, which was shared with our corporate quality assurance team. They are working through the details with the customer and the supplier. We have not received any additional complaints and believe this is an isolated incident.”