Gerard Depardieu restaurant bust-up

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Gerard Depardieu restaurant bust-up--Christmas partygoers at a bar in the Southern Italian town of Lecce got more than they bargained for during a late night celebration. Actor Gerard Depardiue, known for public tirades, lives in the flat above the bar and apparently became angry over the late night level of noise. After a series of arguments with the bar owner he took matters into his own hands and dumped a bucket of water onto the partiers from his balcony above the bar, there were no injuries.

Lecce is a popular tourist town and is known for its quiet and picturesque architecture. Depardiue moved there a few years ago probably because of the relaxed nature of the location. However, as the town and bar below his flat became more popular with tourist he has on several occasions voiced his displeasure at the noise level. The night of the water dumping incident he had a loud argument with the bar owner over his intended use of a parking place beside the bar that the bar owner wanted to use for additional tables.

While town officials search for a way to once again bring peace to the city, both men have filed complaints with the police.