London McDonald's sorry after banning teens--A LONDON McDonald's has been forced into an embarrassing back flip after trying to ban teenagers from their restaurant at night.

A misspelt sign that read "No youths will be serverd (sic) after 7pm" lead to dozens of angry teenagers protesting at the Sidcup location.

Young people swarmed the McDonald's at 6:50pm in a show of defiance.

After the protests both at the McDonald's and on social media, the fast food chain overruled Sidcup McDonald's management.

The sign has now been removed.

The move to ban teenagers came after a group of teenagers caused a "sustained disruption" at the McDonald's last weekend.

Teenagers took to Twitter to complain.

“No youths’ sign seen at McDonald’s in Sidcup. Outrageous! And so is their spelling,” Brad Everitt wrote.
“I really don’t think McDonalds should be discriminating against ‘youths’," another said. “Not just because a similar sign saying ‘no Asians’ or ‘no gays’ would attract widespread and fierce condemnation but because youths surely represent a major proportion of their custom.”

A McDonald’s spokeswoman confirmed there would be "no age restriction policy in place at the McDonald’s restaurant on Sidcup High Street."

"On Saturday evening, the restaurant experienced problems with a group of individuals causing sustained disruption to the restaurant, affecting fellow customers and employees," she told the London Standard. "As a result the restaurant management took urgent steps to try and prevent repeat anti-social behaviour."

"The wording of the initial signage displayed in the restaurant was incorrect and we apologise for any confusion caused. McDonald’s is a family-friendly restaurant that welcomes everyone through its doors," she said.