Dog eats wedding ring

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Dog eats wedding ring
Dog eats wedding ring _ Tina Burlett thought someone had broken into her house and stolen her custom-made, $5,000 wedding ring, so she called the police, who filed a report. But Burlett's grandmother already had a suspect in mind: the family pooch.

X-rays proved the grandmother right. The valuable bauble was inside the belly of Burlett's pit bull, Missy, who has a taste for diamonds.

"I couldn't believe it," Burlett told The Monroe Evening News for a story Thursday. "I didn't think so at the time, but it's funny now."

It made sense since Missy has been caught gnawing on VCRs, electric blankets and even Burlett's diamond earring.

Dr. Linda Fung of the Country Creek Animal Hospital said she wasn't surprised to learn that Missy swallowed jewelry.

"I did have a dog eat a watch once," Fung said. "Animals swallow a lot of stuff. It's not an unusual thing. We just made her throw it up."

Fung gave Missy some peroxide and out came the ring intact.

source: foxnews