Katrina darrell arrested

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Katrina darrell arrested, Do you remember the name Katrina Darrell? Us either. She was the chick who, in an attempt to desperately get attention secure a spot on “American Idol” back in 2009, auditioned in a bikini. Well now she’s getting her name in the papers again, and this time, it’s for an even more embarrassing reason: Katrina Darrell was arrested for DUI—while driving to the hospital!

According to TMZ, it happened this morning in LA at 12:16 AM. Darrell, 24, was driving her mother to the hospital after she had taken a fall at home. Minor problem, though: Katrina ran a red light, smashed into another car, and then tried to TAKE OFF! Unfortunately for her, a cop saw the whole thing and stopped her.

Kat blew a .15 and .17. Yes, the legal limit is .08. Yikes! Despite the fact that she was crying like a baby the whole time, she was taken to the police station, cited, and released a little after six in the morning. TMZ says that she could be charged with a hit and run, too. THAT…would suck horribly.

What about Mom? While Katrina was busy getting arrested, an ambulance came for her.

So here’s the thing: Assuming it was true that her mother needed medical attention immediately, I can understand that even while she was drunk, Katrina might’ve been frantic to get her mother to the hospital and thus ignored her own drunken state. However, getting behind the wheel of a car wasted in an attempt to help your injured mother seems just a TAD counterproductive.

What they should’ve done was call an ambulance to their home. What good was Katrina doing her mother by driving her to the hospital smashed out of her mind??? Come on, girl.

We do hope that whatever the case is, her mother is okay!