Lady Gaga Birthday

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Lady Gaga Birthday
Lady Gaga Birthday_Lady Gaga turns 26 today and the entertainment world is paying attention. On Wednesday morning people are taking time to wish the singer a very "Happy Birthday." Earlier today, fans woke up to read the Lady Gaga tweets. Giving the little monster a look at her feelings about turning 26, Gaga posted the following messages.

Lady Gaga‏“This is how it feels turning 26 in three and half hours. Ha!”

Lady Gaga‏ “Have a beautiful day!!”

Fans loved it and are sending “Happy Birthday” greetings in response. With yesterday’s posting of a naked faced Lady Gaga, fans were thrilled. Click on the links above to see her photos.

Lady Gaga loves her fans and shows appreciation often. With over 21 million followers, she creates as large an impact on the social media fan clubs as she does in the entertainment world. Gaga's talent and influence is incredible. Check out the slideshow of her past few years photos and a glimpse can be seen of her incredible genius for choreography, costuming and outlandish staging. ‘Happy Birthday’ Lady Gaga!

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